Explore Melbourne’s World Famous Street Art And Inner-City History Like Never Before

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Explore Melbourne’s World Famous Street Art And Inner-City History Like Never Before

Forget about being locked in a room, and take the game to the streets.

Adventure Clues, the self-guided discovery tour game, takes adventurers on a zigzag trail through Melbourne’s streets, alleys, and lanes. Past hidden bars, restaurants and the street art that the city is famous for the world over. But to traverse the city and learn all the fun facts, you must be able to deduce the cryptic clues along the way. Otherwise, resign yourself to losing points and asking for hints or, worst of all, the answer. (Featured image: vaun0815)

Play with your friends or your family, go gallivanting with your partner or wander the city by yourself. No matter which way you decide to play, Adventure Clues is going to get you exploring and discovering parts of the city you’ve probably walked past a hundred times before.

In Melbourne, there are currently only two Adventure Clues trail to play.

The Melbourne Street Art trail, depending on how much of a Sherlock Holmes you are, will take an average of two to three hours to complete, with a total of 14 clues to decipher. But if something comes up and you can’t complete the adventure on the day, fear not because you have 30 days to finish the trail. Also, it is recommended to tackle the trail during the day when some of the clues will be more visible.

The Cool Clues Of Fitzroy and Collingwood takes a similar amount of time to complete but has only 11 clues to solve as it winds you thought the art, history, and culture of two of Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods. On your rest break — make sure you stop the clock — you can wander up and down Brunswick Street checking out where all the trendy kids shop, eat, and spend their time.

It’s likely that soon there will be more—Sydney already has four—with each trail testing your knowledge, patience and expertise. The clues take many forms: some require out of the box thinking, others use your senses to test awareness, and others are a play on words.

Do you have what it takes to get them all right?


So, how does it work?

1. Go to the Adventure Clues website, select a trail, fill in the captain’s details and the number of players on the team (max. 4) with the cost for each player $25.

2. Captain’s got mail! Captains, forward the email, including trail instructions and unique play links for each player, to your team.

3. Head to the starting location and, get ready, set and GO.

4. Run, walk, stroll or skip your way across the city, answering clues, reading fun facts and discovering the best views the city has to offer.

Once you’ve finished, check your stats and see how you fare against the rest on the leaderboard. That’s right. This is a competition. Answer correctly and gain 25 Points, use a hint and minus 10 points, use a Reveal and minus 20 points. And then, when you’re finished, you can go back to that bar or cafe you saw along the way for a drink and a snack.

That is if you remember the way.

For more information, head over to the Adventure Clues website.

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