It’s Now Okay For You To Drink Alcohol At Picnics In Melbourne

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It’s Now Okay For You To Drink Alcohol At Picnics In Melbourne

Cheers to that!

One of the most bizarre COVID restrictions for Melburnians is being rolled back. You will finally be able to take off your mask and drink alcohol at picnics in Melbourne. So, you don’t have to feel like a teenager sneaking around and bending the rules anymore. These changes will take place from midnight tonight.

Alcohol at picnics around Melbourne

At the press conference today, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton confirmed the rule change.

“From midnight tonight, the directions will change to allow the removal of masks outdoors for the consumption of alcohol,” he said.

Previously, masks could not be removed outdoors in order to consume alcohol. This alcohol ban was put in place to discourage events like Richmond’s takeaway pub crawl in August, which was seen as a breach of lockdown rules.

Under current restrictions, outdoor social gatherings of up to five fully vaccinated adults from two different households are permitted.

COVID in Melbourne


Today, Melbourne recorded 1,838 locally acquired cases in the past 24 hours. This marks the highest number of daily cases around Australia since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, five deaths were recorded in this same time period.

Meanwhile, 85 per cent of eligible Victorians have received their first vaccine dose. 56 per cent of eligible Victorians are fully vaccinated.

To book a vaccine appointment at a state-run vaccination hub, click here.

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