This Stunning Visual Poem Records And Reflects The Impact Of ‘Rona On Our Communities

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This Stunning Visual Poem Records And Reflects The Impact Of ‘Rona On Our Communities

It always begins as somewhere else…

So begins the visual poem released last year by the #AustraliaLockedDown project.

Featuring Melbourne-based performer Joel McKerrow and directed by Jamie van Leeuwen, the words and images of the visual poem solemnly capture and reflect back to us what we lived through last year. And what we’re living through again this week.

At first, we see the news of what was going on in other countries and then how the virus snuck onto our shores before we see Melbourne transforming into a ghost town overnight. The feeling throughout the opening minutes of the poem quite eery and ominous and it continues to build and grow, just as the virus has.

We are shown how this pandemic has affected our cities, our lives, and our communities. City streets are bare. Train stations are empty and library books go unread. Cafes are closed and small businesses fold beneath the weight of a second lockdown.

As the poem says, however, ”the human spirit is nothing if not resilient”. We see images of nurses battling on the front lines, of families coming together in their living rooms, of people painting, baking, and reading books.

It’s not over yet and we’re far from the finish line but this visual poem goes a long way in reminding us that we will get through this.

Take a few minutes out of your day and watch the entire video below. It’s well worth it.


What is the Australia Locked Down project?

”Contributed to by local photographers, filmmakers and the general public”, the Australia Locked Down project is a visual record of the times we are currently living with the intention to later submit all the images to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Check out the visual archive so far and follow Australia Locked Down on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’d like to submit your photos, videos or stories use the hashtag #AustraliaLockedDown on social media or email info@australialockeddown.com

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(Featured image:  Jamie van Leeuwen)

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