All Australians Aged 16-39 Will Be Able To Access The Pfizer Vaccine Soon

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All Australians Aged 16-39 Will Be Able To Access The Pfizer Vaccine Soon

The Pfizer vaccine will be available for under 40’s from August 30.

PM Scott Morrison today announced that all Australians between the age group of 16-39 will be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine from month end.

Bookings are not yet available but are expected to open up sometime next week.

“The cabinet met today to affirm that we will be moving to opening up 16- to 39-year-olds for the balance of the program,” Mr Morrison said.

“I want to stress, do not make a booking yet. We will advise when bookings can be made. It isn’t today,” he added.

People under 40 have so far been able to access the AstraZeneca vaccine and the PM urged the community to not cancel their AstraZeneca vaccine appointments.

“The best vaccine you can get is the one that is available right now. Go out and do that right now,” he said.


Earlier today, Victoria recorded 57 new locally acquired cases. However, most of these cases are a result of 13 day testing from those already under quarantine.

“I know 57 seems a very big number but when the vast majority of those have been in isolation for infectious period, that’s exactly what we want, that’s the system working exactly as it should work,” said Premier Dan Andrews.

In the last 24 hours, 15,670 Victorians had their first vaccine dose. Meanwhile, the 2 million vaccinations mark has been passed, with 27,581 total vaccines being administered in the last 24 hours.


If you’re in this age group and you don’t want to wait for Pfizer, you can book an AstraZeneca appointment here.

Vaccinations are available at pharmacies, GPs and state run vaccination centres. To see the full list of vaccination centres, click here.

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