Australia Set To Open For International Students And Skilled Workers From Next Month

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Australia Set To Open For International Students And Skilled Workers From Next Month

Although Australian borders opened for international travel earlier this month, a significant group of people have remained in limbo. Several temporary residents and student visa holders, although allowed to leave the country were not allowed back in without appropriate travel exemptions. The over two-million temporary residents who call Australia home despite the ‘temporary’ status on their visa will finally be allowed back into the country as early as next week without needing to apply for a travel exemption.

In very welcome news indeed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that eligible visa holders will be allowed entry into Australia from the beginning of December.

“The return of skilled workers and students to Australia is a major milestone in our pathway back,” he said.

Adding: “We said let’s get Australians home first, and that’s been occurring, and so from next month we will welcome back students and start looking to (bring back) the skilled workers that are needed to ensure we are able to take full advantage of the economic recovery that we are working to secure.”

Who will be allowed back into Australia from December 1

More than 200,000 eligible skilled migrants, international students and refugees are expected to return to the country between December and January.

Those on a temporary working visa, humanitarian visa, working holiday visa and provisional family visa will also be allowed back in.

A valid visa will be needed along with proof of vaccination with a brand recognised by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Travellers will need to be fully quarantined and have a negative test within 72 hours to be eligible for quarantine-free travel.


Travel bubble between Korea and Japan

Mr Morrison also announced that a travel bubble would begin between Australia, Korea and Japan from December 1.

“In addition to the introduction of the travel bubble with Singapore that started (yesterday), from December 1, Australia will also welcome back fully vaccinated citizens from Japan and Korea,” he said.

Australia has now surpassed 85 per cent full vaccination rate with 91.5 per cent vaccinated by one dose, further prompting these updates to the reopening roadmap.

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