There’s A Treasure Hunt In October And The Weekly Clues Come With Limited-Edition Økar Cocktails

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There’s A Treasure Hunt In October And The Weekly Clues Come With Limited-Edition Økar Cocktails

The ‘Hunt for the Red Økar-tober’ treasure is no secret.

Bar Clara and Økar Spirits have combined their might and come together for the ultimate cocktail treasure hunt. The ‘Hunt for the Red Økar-tober’ will see Melburnians test their wit while sipping on limited-edition cocktails every Friday night.

If they’re as smart as they say they are, they might just be able to put together the puzzle and find the location of the hidden treasure.

Take part in The ‘Hunt for the Red Økar-tober’ and get your first cocktail and clue.

Tell me more of this hidden treasure

What’s been hidden in the ultimate cocktail treasure hunt is no secret. Bar Clara and Økar Spirits have made this abundantly clear.

Finders-keepers will be in possession of an Økar home bar kit consisting of bar mats, coasters and, most importantly, a mixed case of Okar spirits. But that’s not all. Bar Clara has also thrown in a $200 dine-in voucher for you to use once lockdown is done and dusted.

And for giggles, you’ll also get more chocolate money than you have seen in your life—their words, not ours—and possibly Henry’s hat. 

You’ve got to be in it to win it and there are two ways you can participate. Either, you sign up for the entire hunt and get the whole Set and (don’t) Forget bundle deal for $125 to receive your limited edition cocktail and clue every Friday of October (but not the 1st).

Or, you take it slow and take it week by week to get the limited edition cocktail you want and that week’s clue. Who knows, you might be a big brain and need only one or two clues to solve the puzzle and hunt down the hidden treasure. 

Ultimate Cocktail Treasure Hunt Schedule

  • Week 1, Friday 8th October: Donald’s Weekend Treat – Økar Tropic, Lime, Coconut, Tequila and optional Chilli Float + clue no.1
  • Week 2, Friday 15th October: Fat Lil Buzz Buzz – Goji Berry Infused Økar Gold, Lemon, Juniper & Coriander Infused Honey Syrup + clue no.2
  • Week 3, Friday 22nd October: Boulevard of Økar Dreams – Økar Classic, Oak-Aged Rye, Lactic Adjusted PX Sweet Sherry, and Pickled Orange + clue no.3
  • Week 4, Friday 29th October: El Capitan – Pear Infused Økar Tropic, Black Currant, Tio Pepe Dry Sherry + clue no.4

Unfortunately, to participate in Bar Clara’s ‘Hunt for the Red Økar-tober’ treasure you will need to live within 25kms of the CBD—it’s for delivery purposes. Those participating will also receive Covid-safe instructions for the hunt because we all want to find the treasure and actually be able to make use of the $200 Bar Clara dine-in voucher sometime this year.

Also, fear not if you forget one week and miss out on the limited-edition cocktail and vital clue because you will be able to purchase it the following week and receive it on the next available delivery date.

Let the ‘Hunt for the Red Økar-tober’ treasure begin. 

Hunt for the Red Økar-tober: Cocktail and Treasure Hunt

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