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Cheers To Bar Clara For Their Negroni Three-Ways Pack That’s Helping Out A Good Cause

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Cheers To Bar Clara For Their Negroni Three-Ways Pack That’s Helping Out A Good Cause

What’s better than one Negroni? Negroni three-ways, of course.

It’s Negroni Week and while we would very much like to be lounging at Bar Clara watching their friendly bartenders prepping and pouring our cocktails, we can’t. However, Bar Clara’s cocktails are coming to us and they’re doing it in style this week with a Negroni Three-Ways pack featuring all-Aussie gins. And they’re helping out an Aussie food charity too.

There’s no better place to begin than with a classic and that’s exactly what Bar Clara is serving up first in their Negroni Three-Ways sample pack. Using Triple G Gin, Campari and Lucano Rosso vermouth, you can’t go wrong with this bitter, sweet and gin-forward concoction.

Sample two, however, uses Newmake Rye Gin mixed with Tail Cut Amaro and housemade vermouth for the White Rye version of the classic. Then, it’s time for the cherry on top as Bar Clara mixes Anther Cherry Gin with Campari and Berry Sous Vide vermut for a delightfully sweet take. 

Order Bar Clara’s Negroni Three-Ways Pack and you’ll be drinking for a good cause as part of the proceeds will go towards OzHarvest, the food charity that rescues food before it goes to waste and delivers it to local charities across the city for them to use or distribute.

So, make sure you get your Negroni fix this week and raise a glass to Aussie spirits and OzHarvest food charity with Bar Clara’s Three-Way sample pack. To avoid delays, it will be delivered to your door by hand on Friday 17 September if you live in Metropolitan Melbourne. Get your pack below.

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