Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of A Monet Painting At Blue Lotus Water Garden

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Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of A Monet Painting At Blue Lotus Water Garden

Explore a magnificent display of waterlily flowers.

Not too far from Melbourne, you’ll discover a magical garden bursting with beautiful flowers and calm lakes. Spanning over 14 acres, Blue Lotus Water Garden contains over 40 different ponds, lakes and water features. Here, you’ll find the biggest display of lotus and waterlily flowers in the Southern Hemisphere. And now, for the first time in over a decade, this garden paradise will open before Christmas. Be blown away by the vast array of flowers before the lotus blooms. Blue Lotus Water Garden will open to the public on Friday December 10.

Source: Supplied by Blue Lotus Water Garden

Blue Lotus Water Garden

Wander the gardens and explore dreamy lakes, vibrant floral colours, exotic plants, waterfalls, fountains and more. This year, there are three different floral seasons for you to enjoy from December to April.

World of Waterlilies Season

When: December 10 to 24

December is peak flowering time for the waterlily flowers. There are over 150 different varieties producing thousands of blooms every day. Explore Monet’s Lake, the largest lake in the garden, where you’ll discover 70 varieties of waterlily flowers. Marvel at their prized collection of Claude Monet’s original waterlilies.

Walk down the middle of the lake by crossing a series of bridges, including their iconic red arched bridge. After that, follow a sandy pathway and have a picnic nearby.

Source: Supplied by Blue Lotus Water Garden

Lotus Flower Season

When: December 26 to March 31

During this time, you’ll see their spectacular display of lotus flowers. On Lotus Lake, you’ll discover over 10 thousand blooms on display. Some of these blossoms are as large as a dinner plate. These flowers grow across the whole surface of the lake, so that everywhere you look, you’ll see brightly-coloured blooms.


Then, journey along Lotus Wetlands and lose yourself in their forest of flowers. Some of these flowers grow about 1.5 metres tall! Within Lotus Wetlands, you’ll find bogs and ponds filled with native wildlife, as well as other beautiful flowers such as petunias, sunflowers and hibiscus.

Golden Garden Season

When: April 1 to 17

During April, you’ll lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colour. Autumn flowers such as bougainvillea, sunflowers and salvias enter their prime. On top of that, native Australian waterlilies and lotus flowers are also at their best during this period. Find them on display in Kakadu Lagoon.

Be amazed by the world’s biggest waterlily species, the Giant Amazon Waterlilies, and see them stretch over two metres in diameter.

Find Blue Lotus Water Garden at 2628 Warburton Hwy, Yarra Junction VIC 3797.

Check out their website for more information.

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