A Brownie Festival Is Coming This June

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This should bake your day!

A team of Chocolatiers have come up with a way to warm our bellies with some ooey-gooey brownie goodness this winter season. In June, these European Chocolatiers, responsible for chocolateries in the Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula, are launching a Brownie Festival. They have created 18 different flavours, which you can try from June 10 to 27.

That’s 18 flavours in 18 days.

Lockdown permitting, all of their brownie flavours will be available to try in their cafe. In addition, there will also be a range of brownie-inspired desserts, ice creams and beverages. Festival brownies will also be available for you to take home, in packs of two, four or sixteen. You can also take part in an Ultimate Brownie Tasting Session, a 45-minute experience in which you create your own signature brownie.

Of course, Melbourne is in lockdown at the moment, but the team have prepared for that. If you live within 30 minutes of the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, you can get a personal delivery the day after you place your order for just $5. Otherwise, they deliver to anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $15. Click and collect is also available.


Other Sweet Treats

Now if you absolutely cannot wait to get your hands on something sweet, you should know that today, May 31, is the last day that they are holding their Rocky Road Festival. There are 31 different flavours of rocky road to choose from, and all of them are available to purchase online. These flavours range from the familiar, like Classic Milk, to the experimental, like Lego Legend.

So what are you waiting for? Buy some rocky road and other chocolatey treats to tide you over until the Brownie Festival begins.

To view their online store, visit their website.

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