This Melbourne Father Has Called On The Christmas Spirit To Pass The Time During Lockdown

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This Melbourne Father Has Called On The Christmas Spirit To Pass The Time During Lockdown

There’s only so many odd-jobs and things to do around the house before there’s nothing left to fix.


Normally, such Christmas spirit so early on in the year would have us rolling our eyes. Or, if we’re walking through the shops, complain under our breath that Christmas has been commodified to such an extent that decorations and gift ideas are already on display in spring.

However, one Melbourne father has apparently run out of jobs to do around the house and has resorted to putting up the Christmas lights—in August!—to pass the time. Are we in disbelief? No, of course not. In this day and age, Christmas lights in August are a welcome sight.

I totally understand the need to find something to do at home to offset the feeling of boredom creeping in. In fact, one piece of advice I was given by friends in lockdown overseas was to go out and get all the tools and material I needed to complete odd-jobs around the home.

It’s surprising, though, how much you can get done when stuck at home.


So, we can only imagine that this father has crossed off every item on his list and is now needing to come up with new ideas and things to do. Personally, I’d like to see this man receive more Christmas lights and go all out because why stop now? He’s got plenty of time to perfect his Christmas light display and make it the one to beat come December.

He could even take inspiration from this YouTube video and sync his lights to music.

Whatever he decides to do next, we thank him for spreading a little bit of Christmas joy this early on in the year.

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