The Return Of The Super Delicious Dimmy And Dumpling Festival Is In Sight

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The Return Of The Super Delicious Dimmy And Dumpling Festival Is In Sight

How many dumplings and dim sims do you need to feed a festival?

The last time Welcome to Thornbury held their Dimmy and Dumpling Festival, the vendors specialising in these pillowy treats and all their variations cooked up a whopping 20,000 of the delicious varieties.

Steamed, fried, barbecued and even cooked in a paella pan, these parcels of joy were covered in soy sauce or dipped in chilli and a bunch of other tasty salsas. It was a good time. It was a delicious time. It was two years ago and it’s about time for round two.

Well, in what can only be described as an answer to our  thoughts and wishes, Welcome to Thornbury has invited some of Melbourne’s best purveyors of dim sims and dumplings back. So, if you are also excited about the prospect of being surrounded by dimmies and dumplings and eating to your heart’s content, then you’re going to need to make room in your calendar and in your bellies on Saturday 29 May.


The dimmy and dumpling line-up is already top notch with plenty of varieties on the menu. The classic fish n chip style dim sim will be available on the day as well as Nepalese and Polish dumplings, a curry dim sim too, and even a dim sim burger is amongst the offering. To make sure nobody misses out either, there’ll be vegan and gluten-free dumplings to tuck into as well.

Festivities kick off at 12pm and will go through till 10pm. Thats lunch and dinner sorted as well as a few afternoon snack bites too. If you plan to head along with a large following of dumpling lovers, it’s best that you book ahead. Otherwise, pop on over and eat up.

Again, that’s Welcome to Thornbury on Saturday 29 May from 12pm. Book your table here.

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