Go On A Farmgate Experience With These Collect And Cook Adventures For A Full Day Of Fun And Flavour

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Go On A Farmgate Experience With These Collect And Cook Adventures For A Full Day Of Fun And Flavour

Supermarkets serve their purpose. They’ve made our lives simpler as a one-stop-shop for almost everything. However, when it comes to the food we buy in order to cook and serve our friends and families, how many of us know where it actually comes from? Unfortunately, supermarkets have created a disconnect from the source of our good times around the dinner table. But that can change on one of these Farmgate Experiences.

Hit the road and meet the growers, farmers and producers of the ingredients you’ll need to make a tasty roast dinner. There’s even wine or cider to collect on your adventure.

Where is your Farmgate Experience?

Thanks to Amazing Co., who are obsessed with creating unique experiences that bring people closer together as well as giving people the opportunity to discover the world around them, you have the chance to explore three stunning Victorian regions: Ballarat, Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula.

Founded by the Gold Rush boom, Ballarat is rich not only in history, heritage and legacy but also in passion thanks to its community of producers that contribute to the thriving arts and culture scene in the town. Food and wine is a big deal and with the cool climate and high altitude, the region is in no shortage of tomatoes, apples, blueberries, homemade cheeses, and homemade sausages plus delicious small goods and specialty products.

Head east and the Yarra Valley looms with the superb cool-climate wines that it is well known for. But that’s not all you’ll find because generations of migrants have and continue to produce local specialties including the valley’s famous handmade pasta, farmhouse cheeses, chillis and peppers, salmon and even wine made from blueberries.

Go south and you’ll find one of Victoria’s most popular summer holiday destinations, the Morning Peninsula where there are more than beaches and beach houses. Skip from vineyards to orchards and pop into food stores with artisanal products, you’ll be enamoured by all that you come across. This includes a large range of seasonal produce, lamb, beef and chicken farms as well as heaps of locally harvested mussels, truffles and olives.

Everything you need to know

Your adventure begins a day or two before your big day out when you receive an email with all your clues, games and puzzles—you’ll need a mobile phone with internet access the day of your adventure. These are custom-created and will guide your experience for an adventure like no other.

On the day, you’ll set out from home so as to collect all the ingredients you need to cook a lovely roast dinner, including meat (or a very delicious vegetarian option), veggies, herbs and spices, from a bunch of different places in either of the three regions you choose to visit. To do that, you will need a car to get around and there is some light walking to do.

But, before you start gathering up everything you will need later in the kitchen, your first stop will be for a spot of morning tea—think scones or apple pie—plus a hot drink to kick start the day. Amazing Co. suggests that a good time to start your journey would be at your first stop between 9-10am.

From there, you get to meet growers, farmers and producers, and hear about all the local farming practices and sustainability initiatives that you wouldn’t have a clue about if you had stepped foot into a supermarket. You might even get to taste test along the way. Then, once you’ve picked up all that you need, explored the area and laughed your way from here to there, it will be time to head home and get to work in the kitchen.

If you’re no Masterchef, then that’s okay because Amazing Co. will provide you with an easy-to-follow recipe as well as games and conversation prompts to make your day even more exceptional. And they haven’t forgotten about dessert, either. You’ll have picked up a ready-made sweet treat on your travels as well as a bottle of locally-produced wine or cider.

You, your friends or your family, are going to have a phenomenal day out experiencing the best of what these regions have to offer no matter which one you choose to visit. And it’s a whole-day adventure as well, with the collecting artisanal products and ingredients part of your journey taking about five or six hours once you arrive at stop one.

Then, it’s another couple of hours to cook your roast dinner but you could also save all the ingredients for the next day and spend even more time out in the countryside. There’s plenty to do, too. And with curated recommendations from Amazing Co., there’s no shortage of what you can get up to. The only thing that isn’t included in your adventure is lunch. Everything else will already have been paid for.

Farmgate Experience Details

There are two ticket types available for these Farmgate Experiences, with a Family Ticket for two adults and two kids as well as a Couples & Friends Ticket for one. However, there is a minimum purchase of two with the Couples & Friends Ticket so you won’t be going out alone.

The Farmgate Experiences take place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2 December to 28 February, and start times can be tailored to suit your needs. Dietary requirements can also be catered for and the type of produce you collect will depend on the season—remember, this ain’t a trip to the supermarket.

Instead, Farmgate Experiences is an adventure worth remembering and the memories you create will be cherished and talked about over dinner for years to come. It might even spark new connections with growers and producers, and your trips to the supermarket become less frequent.

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