Start The Christmas Countdown In True Melburnian Fashion With This Coffee Advent Calendar

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Start The Christmas Countdown In True Melburnian Fashion With This Coffee Advent Calendar

The countdown begins!

It’s International Coffee Day today, and for the coffee lovers of Melbourne, Christmas has come early. If you can hear the sound of sleigh bells, and smell ginger and nutmeg in the air, it’s because Feind Coffee have created an advent calendar that’s perfect for coffee lovers everywhere. In this coffee advent calendar, you’ll be able to sample 24 excellent coffees from 24 incredible coffee roasters.

Beanvent by ‘Feind Coffee

Passionate coffee lovers created ‘Feind as a way to spread the word about good coffee in Australia. As a result, their specially curated range is constantly growing so you can keep exploring. And now, in the perfect lead up to Christmas, the team have created a Beanvent calendar.

In this coffee advent calendar, you’ll discover 24 filter coffees from different roasters around the country. Expect rare and limited releases, classic flavours, experimental processes and, of course, some Christmas-inspired coffees.

Each coffee is individually packed and vacuum sealed to ensure freshness over the 24 days.

There are two different sizes available. For $62, you could have one cup, or 18 grams of coffee a day. Otherwise, try two cups or 32 grams a day for $78.


As the Beanvent calendar involves filter coffee, these beans are best brewed in the following ways:

  • Percalotor/Mokka Pot
  • Aeropress
  • Pour over style (V60/Kalita)
  • Chemex
  • Automatic Drip/Batch Brew
  • Plunger/ Frenchpress
  • Cold Brew/Cold Drip

To ensure maximum freshness, the beans in the calendar will be delivered whole. If you’re a budding coffee aficionado and you don’t have a hand grinder, Feind is offering a discount on Rhinoware hand grinder with every calendar purchase.

These coffee calendars are available to purchase until October 31 (or Halloween). Santa’s little helpers will dispatch these calendars in mid-November, so you’ll receive them just in time for December 1. Shipping will also be free.

Find your Beanvent calendar here.

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