Fifty Per Cent Of Australia’s Adult Population Is Now Fully Vaxxed

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Fifty Per Cent Of Australia’s Adult Population Is Now Fully Vaxxed

We are inching closer to the 70 per cent mark everyday.

Our list of hobbies in this extended lockdown have included baking, watching Netflix, discovering parks and walking trails within our LGA and keeping tabs on vaccination numbers. Today, in very welcome news indeed, Australia has reached a major milestone with over 50 per cent of residents over the age of 16 fully vaccinated and at least 75% vaccinated with one dose.

While Australia’s vaccine rollout has been slower than other countries, it has certainly picked momentum in the last few months with thousands of residents doing their bit daily and bringing us that much closer to some semblance of normalcy and freedom. 347,000 doses were administered yesterday — the highest ever daily total.

Australia’s vaccination rate by State

As of yesterday’s figures, this is where the states stand in first and second doses respectively.

VIC: 75.4 per cent/ 45.9 per cent
NSW: 84.1 per cent/ 56.6 per cent
QLD: 62.1 per cent/ 43.4 per cent
ACT: 90 per cent/ 58.7 per cent
SA: 64.5 per cent/ 45.9 per cent
WA: 61.8 per cent/ 43.4 per cent
NT: 64 per cent/ 49.3 per cent
Tasmania: 73.1 per cent/ 54.5 per cent


You can track the vaccine rollout in real time here.

Lockdown reopening roadmap

The federal government has set a target of 70 per cent and 80 per cent respectively for borders to reopen, lockdowns to end and international travel to resume.

Read more about what you can expect when we hit these numbers here.


Keen to join the club and do your bit? All Australians aged 16-39 can now access the Pfizer vaccine.

Book a Moderna appointment here.

For a Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine at a state-run vaccination centre, click here.

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