Meander Down A 4 Kilometre Trail Along The Yarra As Part Of The Upcoming Greenline Project

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Meander Down A 4 Kilometre Trail Along The Yarra As Part Of The Upcoming Greenline Project

Earlier this year, the City of Melbourne proposed a new project that would improve the liveability of the city and create a new waterfront destination. This proposal, known as the Greenline Project, would transform the north bank of the Yarra River, stretch up to 4km and cost up to $300 million. Back in April, Lord Mayor Sally Capp said that this project would be similar to the high line in New York and that the Greenline would be one of the biggest city transformations since Fed Square opened in 2002. Now, the final plans for the Greenline project are here.

What is the Greenline?

The Greenline will be one of the largest networks of green spaces in Melbourne, stretching at 4km long and 6km wide. Melburnians will be able to stroll from Birrarung Marr to the Bolte Bridge, and take in views of the city in a whole new way.

“Imagine walking along the north bank of the Yarra from the MCG to Docklands as the sun sets,” said the Lord Mayor. “You meander along pedestrian boardwalks and over bridges, explore in new parks, and celebrate our Aboriginal heritage and culture.”

Celebrating contemporary Aboriginal culture and the river’s Aboriginal heritage will be at the heart of this project.

According to Aboriginal Melbourne portfolio deputy lead Councillor Dr Olivia Ball, planners have worked closely with the Aboriginal community to develop this project.

In addition, almost 400 people provided their feedback for the Greenline project online. There were also several workshops with key stakeholders, including land owners and local traders, to make this final plan possible.

“Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and found more than half of those surveyed wanted the space to be used for exercise and recreation, as well as opportunities to enhance greening and improve the environmental health of both the riverbank and the river itself,” Councillor Dr Ball.


What are the plans for the Greenline project?

Multiple projects and upgrades will roll out over the coming years to make Greenline possible. A continuous riverside link to Docklands will be created and a new park will appear at the end of Salt Water Wharf precinct. There will also be upgrades along the river, including an expansion of the promenade in the Birrarung Marr precinct.

Tree canopy cover, ecology and biodiversity will be improved to attract more wildlife to the north bank and along the river edge.

Upgrades to Enterprize Park have already begun, and it will be finished in time for summer.

“Locals and visitors will soon enjoy an extra 1000 square meters of green lawn – almost the size of one Olympic swimming pool – with better views and access along the river,” said the Lord Mayor.

Greenline is expected to deliver over $1 billion in economic activity. Up to 1000 jobs will be created for this project.

“Just as Southbank and Federation Square energised Melbourne at the turn of the century, Greenline will usher in a new era for our city at a time we need it most,” said the Lord Mayor.

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