For The First Time, You Can Watch The World’s Largest Christmas Tree Light Up Online

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For The First Time, You Can Watch The World’s Largest Christmas Tree Light Up Online

This spectacular Christmas tree illuminates the beautiful town of Gubbio.

On December 7, Gubbio will marvel once again at the amazing display, as lights illuminate Mount Ingino. The lights form the shape of a Christmas tree along the side of the mountain, from the base right up to the summit. These lights have long since attracted scores of tourists from all over Italy but things will be a bit different this year. It’s bad news for those in Gubbio, who usually hold an event for the turning on of the lights. However, this does present everyone around the world with an opportunity to watch it happening, as the event is being live-streamed online, instead.

The tree has always been a symbol of joy at Christmas time but this year it is also a symbol of hope and optimism for the future. Gubbio’s mountainside Christmas tree has been around for a long time, since 1981. Despite this year’s adversity, the hard work of the Association of Alberaioli has secured the tree’s place on the mountainside once again this year. In 1991, the tree was declared ‘the largest in the world’ by Guinness World Records and it is the size of three football fields. All in all, it takes 1,3000 hours of hard work to achieve this perfect display.

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How to adopt a light

Anyone in the world can adopt a light on this amazing Christmas tree. People often choose to dedicate the light to a loved one and you can leave a short message, in remembrance, or even as a Christmas gift. It costs €10.00 to do this and all of the money that comes from these touching dedications funds the enormous cost of erecting and running this huge and beautiful mountainside Christmas tree. If you would like to adopt a light, you can do so here.

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