6 Interesting Ways To Treat Your Pets During Melbourne’s Lockdown

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6 Interesting Ways To Treat Your Pets During Melbourne’s Lockdown

Your furry friends need a pick-me-up too.

If you want to spoil your pet and keep things fun for them during lockdown, why don’t you buy some interesting new treats or fun accessories for them to try? From delicious cakes to woolly caves, here are some unique and interesting things to treat your pets with during Melbourne’s lockdown. If they’re happy, you’ll be happy too.

1. Disney toys from The Paw Principality

If you’re a Disney fan, why don’t you get some pet merchandise for your furry companion? The Paw Principality in North Melbourne has a whole range of Disney goodies. Get them some Disney squeaky toys, plushies or rope toys for them to play with, or dress them up in some Disney-themed jackets. It’ll be so adorable, your heart will sing.

See their Disney range here. 

2. An accessories bundle from Pablo & Co

You’ve heard of getting cute bow ties or bandanas for your pets. But what if you could get it all conveniently in one matching bundle? Pablo & Co wants your pooch to make the best fashion choices, and they’ve made it easy by selling bundles with different types of prints. Get matching harnesses, collars, bandanas, bow ties and even poop bags to keep your pooch looking fresh. Of course, if you don’t want all those things together, you can also purchase snazzy fashion accessories individually.

Click here to see their range.

3. A hand-felted wool cave for your cat from Queenie’s Pawprints

This Melbourne-based animal lover creates eco-friendly products for your pets to enjoy. Why don’t you get your cat a snuggly cave made of merino wool? They’ll love to hide away in cosy caves inspired by apples, leafy hollows and enchanted forests.

See their range here.

4. A Pet Stroller from Classy Tails


Does your furbaby feel tired easily? Or do they prefer to be pampered? A pet stroller is the perfect way for your pet to feel the sunshine and explore the outdoors. These strollers are great for pets who want to be taken everywhere and spoiled, or for pets who are older, injured or disabled.

Click here to see their range of strollers.

5. A cake with your pet’s face on it from SuPaw Pet Bakery

When celebrating your pet’s birthday, adoption day, or existence in general, why don’t you make things a little more personal? SuPaw Pet Bakery creates custom cakes that look like your furry friend’s face! Choose different cake flavours like beef, chicken or vegetable.

Pick up your cake from their West Melbourne store or get it delivered. For more information, click here.

6.  The Ultimate Doggy Grazing Box from Bones & Whiskers

Grazing boxes aren’t just for people! They’re for pooches too. In an Ultimate Doggy Grazing Box, you’ll find treats like freeze dried strawberries, cookies, gourmet bones, duck feet, sardines and more. There’s also a Doggy Grazing Box For One, and other types of interesting pet treats and packages from this Melbourne business.

See the Bones & Whiskers website for more.

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