Journey To Paris With A Night At Le Souper Club In Melbourne

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Journey To Paris With A Night At Le Souper Club In Melbourne

France and its riches await in this opulent Parisian Salon.

Behind the door marked 26 lies a country that is a dream away at present. But take a step through the door and you’ll enter an extravagant room inspired by Paris, the Palace of Versailles and decorated with French antiques from the 18th Century.

Take a seat at the candlelit table and you will also wine and dine the finest of French cuisine to complete the illusion you have travelled to Paris. It might just be for a night but as the French say, life is too short to drink bad wine. Are you ready to celebrate?

This September, the lavishly decorated Apartment 26 is hosting Le Souper Club Parisien: A Journey to Paris where guests will sit down to an intimate dinner.

There will be oysters with wine-infused caviar, boards of exquisite French cheese including Delice de Bourgogne, a selection of charcuterie as well, and a range of sides to accompany the main course of the night, a beef Bourguignon served with French beans & sweet potato purée. (Vegetarian and pescatarian options will also be available.)

And of course there is wine. Each guest on the night will choose six glasses of wine from a selection of drops that include Clotilde Davenne Chablis, a 2018 Constance Borgone Chitry, a 2016 Grand Maison Cuvée des Archanges Monbazillac and a 2018 Clos de Gamot Cahors among others. And if a trip to France is not complete without Champagne, then open the bottle of Pierre-Jouët Grand Brut. You know you want to.

The fine-dining experience is superbly matched by Anton Venoir’s collection of stunning French antiques. All carefully assessed and authenticated to date from the 17th-19th Century, they emanate a timeless elegance that will provide the perfect backdrop for a grand night out just as if you were truly in the City of Light.

Le Souper Club Parisien: A Journey to Paris takes place on select Wednesdays and Thursdays in September for an intimate dinner gathering.

And remember, life is too short to drink bad wine. So, enchant your senses and take a trip to Paris in Melbourne this spring.

Le Souper Club Parisien - A Journey to Paris Fine Dining Experience

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