Northcote’s New Astronomy-Inspired Bar Stays Up Late On Weekends · Kepler’s Yard

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Northcote’s New Astronomy-Inspired Bar Stays Up Late On Weekends · Kepler’s Yard

Kepler’s Yard is serving up space-themed cocktails for the late-night crowd.

The northside’s newest venue comes from the team behind 24 Moons and continues the space theme of its older sibling venue, which is actually very close by—same address. However, unlike the nightclub and events space, Kepler’s Yard is a bar and with that comes a much more relaxed and comfy vibe. (Featured image: keplersyard)

Named after the famous German astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler, the walls of Kepler’s Yard are decorated with rocket posters, scientific bits and pieces and posters of the moon, planets and other intergalactic phenomena. The space itself is packed with vintage furniture picked up from here and there making choosing where to sit a fun exercise.

At the bar, though, is where the fun starts with Kepler’s Signature Cocktails. Fans of tequila will have to watch out for the Venus Fly Trap; Fireball provides the ammo in Mars Attacks; rum drinkers better keep steady footing with Slippery Saturn, and those looking to see the Earth Rise to glory will be fuelling their night with vodka. All of Kepler’s Signature Cocktails, which there are a few more, have been concocted by award-winning mixologist, Luc Yong. In terms of beers, wines and ciders, it’s an all Aussie affair.

Since this is 24 Moons’ little sibling, expect DJs spinning records on the ones and twos and a whole host of other nights including Shrub Comedy Shows. On Sundays from 5pm, Pelican Villa drop in to curate the music selection for Spin City Sundays. Entry is free.


If you’re keen to guarantee yourself a seat at Northcote’s newest late-night bar, head across to the reservations page here.

Kepler’s Yard is open on Tuesday-Thursday from 6pm to 3am, 6pm to 5am Friday–Saturday, and till 1am on Sundays.

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