Magic Mike Live Will Send Chills Up And Down Spines In Melbourne This Winter

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Magic Mike Live Will Send Chills Up And Down Spines In Melbourne This Winter

Magic Mike Live promises an exhilarating night of heated performances.

The formula for Magic Mike Live is simple: take a troupe of handsome, athletically gifted men, remove their shirts, and have ’em spin, flip, dance, and gyrate to some thumping beats in front of an audience full of extremely thirsty men and women. Do that and you’ve got one hot and steamy night out that the public can’t seem to get enough of.

Having already toured and wowed audiences in Las Vegas, London and Berlin, Channing Tatum announced to the Australian public that the hottest production on tour would be hitting our shores this year. Magic Mike Live is going to bring the heat to Melbourne from Tuesday June 29 onwards.

Where will it be?

Magic Mike Live will land in Birrarung Marr, so it’s easy to get to by public transport.

The show was envisioned as an event that would pop up in different cities, make magical memories and disappear. To do that, they’ve created a tent called Arcadia. This is the largest Spiegeltent in the world, built in collaboration with the famed Het Spiegelpaleis family from Belgium.

The Arcadia took over a year to design and construct. It’s a two storey venue that allows you to see the performance from every angle. Every detail has been meticulously curated by the creative team. Guests are encouraged to arrive early and stay late to enjoy the venue. There’s a full bar with specialty cocktails in the lobby, a mini-food hall for snacks and an art gallery of Tatum’s photography.


Will Channing Tatum be there?

Channing Tatum himself isn’t part of the event. Instead, sixteen of his daring and ripped protégés will be there to show off their Adonis-like physiques and incredible talent.

While the show has played in Las Vegas, London and Berlin, Tatum has said that the Australian edition is a new version of the show. “I can’t wait for our fans in Australia to see what we’ve created especially for them,” Tatum said.

The show runs for 90 minutes and is strictly 18 plus. It’s a 360 degree performance filled with blood-pumping dance routines, exhilarating acrobatics and musical talent.

Consider yourself VIP?

A backstage ‘VIP’ pass ($49) can be added to any ticket purchase. This will entitle the guest to a signature ‘Pretty In Pink’ cocktail in a souvenir glass, a signed program book delivered to your seat by a member of the cast and a merchandise pack that includes a customised MML ball cap and a VIP lanyard to take home.

When one of the guys drops by to deliver your signed program book, you are free to take socially distanced photos and enjoy some one-on-one time, which means you’ll need to arrive 45 minutes prior to the show to enjoy this VIP treatment.

For more info on the show, head on over to Magic Mike Live.

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