Adopt Adorable Goats In Coats From Matty’s Sanctuary Near Bendigo

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Matty's Sanctuary goats in coats

Have you thought about adding kids to your family?

Drive out to Sedgwick, a suburb in Bendigo, and you will find a delightful animal rescue called Matty’s Sanctuary. This sanctuary rescues animals from all around Victoria. Think camels, ostriches, emus and more! And now, they need your help. There are plenty of little goats available for adoption at Matty’s Sanctuary. If you would like to add a goat to your home, now is the time to do it.

Why goats?

The goats at Matty’s Sanctuary are new arrivals that need forever homes. All of the goats are male. Unfortunately, in the dairy industry, male goats are normally killed and discarded. Thankfully, they have been rescued and given a second chance at life by this animal shelter.

If you’d like to adopt a goat, here’s what you need to know.

Goats are playful and curious creatures, so you’ll need a secure enclosure to keep them from running away. Goats like to graze and munch on anything so make sure you have a durable fence. You will also need a large enough space with plenty of enrichment to keep them entertained. Goats like to climb so if you have something like a crate, that will help them play and behave naturally.


Goats are social animals so if you’re thinking about adopting, don’t keep them alone! Preferably get another goat so they can keep each other company.

Click here to read more about caring for goats.

How can you adopt them?

Visit Matty’s Sanctuary on Facebook, send them a message and they will send you an adoption form. From there, the adoption process will begin and they will figure out who the best fit is for these goats.

These goats are very sweet, affectionate animals that will be a lovely addition to your family. They come in little coats that have been knitted by volunteers.

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