Melbhenge — A Spectacular Solar Phenomenon — Is Returning Next Week

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Melbhenge — A Spectacular Solar Phenomenon — Is Returning Next Week

Twice a year, everything falls into place. Along the rectangular Hoddle Grid in the CBD, as the sun sets, it aligns perfectly with the towering Melbourne skyscrapers. Affectionately named “Melbhenge” after the classic Stonehenge and the similar “Manhattanhenge” in New York, this delightful solar alignment is returning next week. Look forward to Melbhenge on November 2, 3 and 4.

Where is the best place to see Melbhenge?

Instagrammers, get your cameras out in preparation for this solar spectacle. You’ll need to head to Hoddle Grid in the CBD to witness this phenomenon. When the sun sets at 250 degrees west, it aligns perfectly with Hoddle Grid and is framed perfectly by the surrounding buildings.

Spring Street is a popular choice for sun worshippers. Use the steps of Parliament House to get a good vantage point and take a look down Bourke Street for a clear view of the setting sun. Both Collins Street and Lonsdale Street are also good choices.

Use Street View on Google Maps to figure out the best vantage points for you. Remember that trees and trams might get in the way, so you should choose your spot wisely.

Then, when you arrive, pray that Melbourne doesn’t muck around with the weather and hope for clear skies.


Remember, however tempting it may be, don’t look directly into the sun!

This year, Melbhenge will take place on November 2, 3 and 4.

The sun will set around 7:55pm.

If you miss your chance or the weather proves unfavourable, you can always try again in February next year.

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