Over $1 Million Worth Of Grants Have Been Given To Melbourne Artists To Support Their Projects

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Over $1 Million Worth Of Grants Have Been Given To Melbourne Artists To Support Their Projects

These grants will support over 1500 artists in Melbourne.

Melbourne is a city of art and culture, and unfortunately, due to repeated lockdowns, both the life of the city and the artists responsible are struggling. In an effort to support the creative industry and boost the economic and creative recovery of Melbourne, over $1 million worth of grants will be given to support artistic projects. These grants will support 1500 artists and 101 projects around Melbourne.

“We’re funding installations, operas, exhibitions and film festivals, which will bring people back into the city and reinforce Melbourne’s reputation as the cultural capital of Australia,” said Lord Mayor Sally Capp.

“Melburnians love their culture and will no doubt enjoy a pre-show cocktail or meal before immersing themselves in art produced by talented creatives.”

What projects can we expect in the future?

Keep an eye out for these awesome creative projects, such as:

  • A live performance with handmade butterflies at the Royal Botanical Gardens. This performance will raise awareness about threatened native species.
  • The Melbourne Women in Film Festival. This festival which showcase inspiring filmmakers.
  • An opera based on the life of Mademoiselle Julie Maupin, also known as Julie d’Aubigny. She was an LGBTQI+ opera singer and swordsperson from the 17th century.
  • An interactive sound system with hearing aids. This will enable listeners to take control over what they hear.
  • A play that centres around a 12 year old girl and her family. It tackles ideas of exploration, belonging and heritage.

Each year, creative industries contribute over $31 billion to Victoria’s economy. These arts grants are given out annually to support the industry.


“The Melbourne arts scene has produced countless prominent and underground artists, and we know art of any scale makes an impact and contributes to our rich culture,” said Councillor Jamal Hakim.

“That’s why this program continues to support artists with varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We also delivered workshops to support artists with a range of skills and abilities to improve their grant writing.”

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