8 Melbourne Chocolate Shops To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

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8 Melbourne Chocolate Shops To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

Facts are facts – your brain loves chocolate.

Have you got a craving for chocolate? There’s no judgment here.

No matter the time of year, as soon as you begin to chew, savour and swallow, the chocolate works its magic. Once you pop a piece of chocolate, preferably dark, in your mouth, it has a positive effect on your brain. Snacking on a bit of chocolate can help you feel happier or motivated. Sure, we can attribute these feelings to the chemicals and compounds in chocolate, but it’s also simply delicious!

For World Chocolate Day on Wednesday July 7, we’ve rounded up the best places in Melbourne to find some chocolate and boost your mood. From the artisanal creators to the more available stores, here are the best places to get your chocolate fix.

1. Monsieur Truffe in Brunswick East

A long time ago, you could only find Monsieur Truffe at the Prahran Markets. It was a one-man operation but the quality was undeniable. Monsieur Truffe has since grown and now, you can find their chocolate factory and retail space at East Elevation in Brunswick.

There, you will find a selection of chocolate bars made with organic ingredients and wrapped with recycled paper. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate while you’re there.

For World Chocolate Day, Monsieur Truffe is releasing a microbatch dark chocolate bar with black sesame, caramel shards, miso and seaweed.

Discover everything Monsieur Truffe has to offer at 351 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057.

2. Good Boy Chocolate in Carlton

Good Boy Chocolate was started by Alessandro Luppolo, a pastry chef with years of experience working in Milan, New York and Hong Kong. Now, in Melbourne, he makes small batch, artisanal chocolate. Good Boy follows the bean-to-bar process, where they roast, grind and shape their own cocoa beans. No single-use plastic is involved in the process, as the paper used to wrap the chocolate is a mixture of recycled paper and cocoa husks. Cocoa husks are normally thrown away during the chocolate-making process, but this way, it’s given a second purpose in life.

Their chocolate showroom in Carlton is currently in the making, but you can arrange to pick up the chocolates from there or order online. Click here to find out more.

3. Atypic Chocolate in South Melbourne

The chocolatiers at Atypic focus on ethical sources and fair trade, sustainable practices. They source their beans from our island neighbours in the Pacific. Each source has a distinct flavour profile that is brought out in the creation process.

Atypic uses handcrafting methods at every stage to create high quality chocolate. You can view the entire process at their workshop.

Find Atypic Chocolate at 326/322 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205.

4. Xocolatl Chocolates and Café in Kew East and Canterbury


At Xocolatl, it’s a family affair. With boutique stores in Canterbury and Kew East, they use the highest quality Belgian couverture to create unique flavours. Discover flavour combinations like chilli and ginger or cherry and pistachio. While you’re there, get your hands on their hot chocolate. You could have a regular one, or you could try one infused with flavours like orange, rose, chilli or peppermint.

Find Xocolatl at 11 Strathalbyn St, Kew East VIC 3102 and 66 Maling Rd, Canterbury VIC 3126.

5. Koko Black in many Melbourne locations

If you haven’t heard, Koko Black is releasing a limited edition cake in collaboration with Black Star Pastry for World Chocolate Day.

But limited edition cakes aren’t the only thing they have to offer. Ever since they opened their first store in Melbourne in 2003, Koko Black has become a force to be reckoned with in the Australian chocolate scene.  Each piece of chocolate is handcrafted in Melbourne, using Belgian couverture and Australian ingredients, like Tasmanian leatherwood honey.

Koko Black is located in multiple locations around Melbourne. Click here to learn more.

6. Lindt Chocolate Shop & Café in many Melbourne locations

Yes, you can purchase this delicious Swiss chocolate from your local supermarket. But, you can also enjoy a hot chocolate at one of their cafés, or see their full range of indulgent goodies in one of their chocolate shops!

Click here to find your nearest store.

7. San Churro in many Melbourne locations

San Churro is more than just churros. They take chocolate very seriously, sourcing their couverture from the best chocolatiers. Dip your churros in decadent chocolate sauce, indulge in one of their chocolate desserts or take a pack of chocolate home with you.

For World Chocolate Day, San Churro is offering a buy one get one free deal on their hot chocolates, in their regular size milk, dark or white flavours, so you can enjoy it with a friend!

For more information, visit the San Churro website.

8. Haigh’s Chocolates in many Melbourne locations

Starting in 1915, Haigh’s is Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate business. Using sustainably farmed cocoa beans, they create unique blends of chocolate with distinctive flavours and aromas.

To celebrate World Chocolate Day, they’ve released a limited-edition Milk Chocolate Neapolitan Wafer Bar. It has layers of raspberry, dark chocolate, vanilla marshmallow encased in a creamy milk chocolate bar.

Learn more about Haigh’s here.

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