Maximum Chips And More Food Madness Is Coming Our Way For Melbourne Food And Wine Festival

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Maximum Chips And More Food Madness Is Coming Our Way For Melbourne Food And Wine Festival

Po-tay-toes. You might like to boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew. But, how do you like ’em fried?

The winter edition of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is coming up, and we finally know more about what to expect. Over ten days in August, this festival is stacked with 150 events, celebrating irresistible foods like hot chips, pasta, and plant-based eating. Join foodies around the city for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival August 20 to 29.


The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has spread out into three events this year. The first took place in March. This winter edition is the second event and it will celebrate everything about Melbourne. The third will take place in November and it’ll showcase food from regional Victoria.

You better come with an empty stomach because according to Anthea Loucas Bosha, CEO of Food + Drink Victoria, over ten days they expect to serve “more than 1,500 Martinis, 8,000 bowls of pasta and 200,000 hot chips”.

Here are some highlights from the upcoming festival.

Maximum Chips

A Friday night party is coming to Queen Vic Market that appreciates all things fried chip. However you like them, shoestring, crinkle cut, even potato gems, will be there for you to try. This event will take place in the E Shed on Friday August 20. Tickets cost $35, and it will get you all the chips you can imagine. On top of that, there will also be a welcome drink and entertainment to get the party going.

Click here for more information.

Signature Chef Series

Arabella Douglas
Source: Supplied by MFWF

Some of the most exciting chefs around Australia are collaborating with Melbourne restaurants in this Signature Chef Series. See culinary creatives like Arabella Douglas, Paul Carmichael, Jonathan Barthelmess and more take you on a journey to the Mediterranean, Afghanistan, the Caribbean, Indigenous Australia and more.

Click here to see the participating restaurants.


Welcome to the Jungle

Party with plants like never before in this unforgettable, animal free event at Queen Vic Market. Watch the E Shed get transformed into a jungle, with lush plants and florals everywhere. Enjoy plant-based foods from places like Smith & Daughters and Fancy Hank’s. Of course, even the drinks are completely vegan! During the night, there will be live entertainment and music to groove to.

Entry is $15 and this event will take place on Friday August 27.

Read more about it here.

Crawl and Bite

Get to know your neighbourhood better by going on a Crawl and Bite tour. With tours happening in places like Fitzroy, Flemington, Footscray, Dandenong, Oakleigh and more, you’ll be able to enjoy some food and drink across a few different venues. You might discover a new local favourite!

Click here to see the full program.

The Big Spaghetti

Source: Supplied by MFWF

Get ready to be fed by some of Melbourne’s best Italian eateries and bars. Expect 20 pasta dishes, drinks like prosecco, pinot grigio and arneis, demonstrations from guest chefs and live music. Once again, this event will be in the E Shed of Queen Vic Market. It will take place on Saturday August 28 and Sunday August 29. Entry to this event is free!

Read more here.

Further info

That was all just a taste of what is to come. To see the full list of events and session times, click here.

To keep the festivities running smoothly, booking in advance is recommended. Pre-sale tickets are available for MFWF subscribers and 2020 ticket holders from Tuesday July 13. General tickets will be released from Thursday July 15.

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