Melbourne Looks To The Big Apple For Post-Lockdown Outdoor Dining Inspiration

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Melbourne Looks To The Big Apple For Post-Lockdown Outdoor Dining Inspiration

Melbourne is set for an outdoor dining resurgence.


Melbourne during lockdown is a sad sight. From welcoming one million visitors a day to barely seeing 100,000, the city just isn’t the place we have grown to love, admire and declare the most liveable city in the world (even if we missed out on top spot last year).

But now that Premier Dan Andrews’ has released the government’s stage-by-stage plan to recovery, Lord mayor Sally Capp and the rest of Melbourne City Council are putting in place their plan to revitalise (and in some cases save) the city’s hospitality scene.

In order to support struggling business by getting more people into the city, Lord mayor Sally Capp is looking to New York City’s Open Restaurants initiative, which according to The Age, has been credited with helping 9500 restaurants and cafes keep afloat.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers. But, what does it all mean?


Firstly, more outdoor dining is going to be a thing. Footpaths, laneways and even some streets are likely to turn into extensions of restaurants so that capacity can be reached without anyone sitting inside.

To help businesses out further, outdoor dining fees will be waived and liquor licence restrictions are set to be relaxed but that also depends on the Victorian government. Regardless, we’re a bit excited and kind of hoping that if this increase in outdoor dining goes well, this could become a permanent fixture. At least, during our warmer months.

Some of the NYC rules we well need to follow include 1.8m distance between tables, capped seated at tables, obligatory mask use unless sitting, and no indoor dining permitted. You can still use the toilet, though. Just put your mask on and make sure you wash your hands real good.

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