Save This Stunning Sunset Helicopter Flight Over Melbourne For Your Next Special Occasion

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Save This Stunning Sunset Helicopter Flight Over Melbourne For Your Next Special Occasion

Take to the skies in this helicopter ride and see Melbourne from up high.

What’s better than celebrating your next special occasion with a stunning sunset?

That’s easy. Celebrating that same special occasion from inside your privately-chartered helicopter that maneuvers its way through the sky to give you the most stunning sights of Melbourne at sunset you can dream of. Just for you and the person you want to share the special moment with. (Featured image:@johnkappa)

Image: Mile High Australia

Mile High Australia, Melbourne’s leading helicopter tour providers since 2019, have your special days, occasions and moments sorted so that all you need to do is hop in, buckle up and take to the skies for the ride of your life.

Their Melbourne Scenic Flight will pick you up from Moorabbin Airport and take you on a tour of Greater Melbourne. Starting with the bayside beaches and marinas along Beach Road, you will then fly through the sky at 1500ft towards Melbourne’s iconic sporting grounds before turning towards the city’s skyline and landmarks like the Shrine of Remembrance, Royal Botanic Gardens, Eureka Tower and the Arts Centre spire.

Your flight will also take in the transformation of Docklands as well as views of the Westgate and Bolte Bridge before returning you to Moorabbin via St. Kilda and Albert Park Lake as the last rays of light shine off of the bay.

Image: Mile High Australia

Since this is a special occasion (we actually think any helicopter ride that isn’t an emergency is a special occasion), Mile High will also bring aboard a bottle of champagne for you to pop open and drink to your health and more good times.

Flights last an average of 20 minutes but to make sure you keep your eyes focused on what’s below and not miss anything, Mile High Australia will be recording the entire flight for you and gift you the GoPro footage at the end.

Image: Mile High Australia

Mile High Australia’s Melbourne scenic flights can also be taken out for a daytime spin around the city but we highly recommend the sunset package especially if it’s to mark a special occasion. If there’s a third wheel, then don’t worry because they can come along and join in on the fun.

Fly as high as the Rialto and as low to the ground to see the people down below, Mile High promises a sensational experience and one that you’ll unlikely forget.

A ticket to fly for two (or three) people costs $650 and includes the bottle of champagne as well as GoPro footage and photo with the pilot before departure.

Get your ticket to fly today. 
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