Melbourne’s Lost Dogs’ Home Needs Your Help Finding Homes For Cats And Kittens

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Melbourne’s Lost Dogs’ Home Needs Your Help Finding Homes For Cats And Kittens

To help you help them, The Lost Dogs’ Home has reduced their adoption fees.

If you didn’t know, Melbourne’s Lost Dogs’ Home takes in cats and kittens too. (Featured image: @crismiron)

They take in so many cats and kittens that the cat shelter is now housing more than 700 of the cute little fluffballs. That’s just too many for the shelter because they’re receiving more and more every day. (We’re hoping that this isn’t because people thought that getting a pet during lockdown would be a good idea, and now they don’t.) And the Lost Dogs’ Home will keep on receiving unwanted pets because they’re an open-intake shelter, meaning they will never turn away a furry friend.

But now they need you to help them by either spreading the word or, better yet, adopting either a cat or a kitten. And to help you help them, they’ve slashed the adoption fees for adult cats as well as offering you the fabulous chance of taking home two kittens for the adoption fee of one.

Around 64% of felines currently in the care of the Lost Dogs’ Home are adults, which can now become your forever friend for just $25. Adult cats are often overlooked for kittens, but for some people, an adult cat is the way to go. Seriously, I’m no cat person but I’ve just moved in with an adult cat and he the best. But if you need more than my word, here are ten reasons why you should adopt a cat. 

But if you’re looking for a forever friend that will be around a little longer, then you could opt for a kitten. Or two, because adopting two kittens ($235) will cost the same as adopting one and if you have two kittens, they keep each other company. Besides, you’ll get twice the love. So, a win-win situation. If you don’t have space for two, you can still adopt the one kitten.


The slashed adoption fees are available at both the North Melbourne and Cranbourne shelter. To view all the cute and cuddly cats and kittens looking for a new home, jump across to the Lost Dogs’ Home website here.

Keep in mind, though, that the adoption process still applies to ensure all pets are matched with committed families who are able to offer a suitable home and lifetime of care.

If you can’t adopt a cat or kitten but still want to help out, spread the word and post this tile to your social media channels.

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