Messina Is Dropping A Dad Pack Filled With Chocolate Bars Just In Time For Father’s Day

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Messina Is Dropping A Dad Pack Filled With Chocolate Bars Just In Time For Father’s Day

Get a special dad pack delivered straight to your dad’s door.

Bless the good folk at Messina for keeping us sane during lockdown. We’ve previously told you about their inventive DIY cocktail kits and delish fairy bread cookie pies, apart from their sticky brioche hot tub. Now just a few weeks away from Father’s Day, Messina has announced a special Dad pack filled with a triple set of Messina chocolate bars. Handmade, for that extra dose of love — the kit will include four mini Cone-ception bars, four mini Messinatella hazelnut bars and one Neapolitan chocolate block.

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The Cone-ception bars are a sable biscuit, waffle cone spread and cone crunch, coated in caramelised white chocolate. The Messinatella hazelnut bars include the sable biscuit, Messinatella choc hazelnut spread and roasted hazelnuts enrobed in milk chocolate.

And the Neapolitan chocolate block is a block of milk chocolate and white chocolate along with Heilala vanilla, strawberry chocolate and infused generously with freeze dried strawberries.

Quickest and yummiest way to a dad bod, if you ask us.

Order your pack by Monday, August 23 through their online store.


As an added gesture, the products will be beautifully packaged and Messina will include a gift card along with the purchase.

Orders will be shipped out by August 27 so you’ll want to place yours ASAP.

As always, signup to their mailing list for pre-sale.


What: Messina Dad’s 3 Pack — Father’s Day Chocolates
Price: $45 with shipping
Best before: Bars — September 15, Neapolitan block — October 3.

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