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7 Marvellous Places Around Melbourne For You To Get Your Mooncake Fix This Mid-Autumn Festival

Nicole de Souza Nicole de Souza - Staff Writer

7 Marvellous Places Around Melbourne For You To Get Your Mooncake Fix This Mid-Autumn Festival

You’ll be over the moon with these tasty treats.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching, which means that it’s time to indulge in some seriously delicious mooncake. For the uninitiated, Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, is the second largest celebration in China and several Asian countries after Lunar New Year. This festival celebrates the harvest when the moon is at its fullest. While it is autumn in China, hence the name, the festival takes place during Melbourne’s spring. Mooncakes are shared and eaten during this time. This year, Mid-Autumn Festival will be on Tuesday September 21. You should be able to find mooncake in any Asian grocery, but if you need some pointers on where to go, we’re here to help. In this list, you’ll find some awesome bakeries around Melbourne that will satisfy your mooncake cravings.

1. iCake

Image: iCake

This cake shop in Melbourne serves a wide range of deliciously light Asian cakes. However, they do sell mooncakes too. These mooncakes are handmade and only available between September 19 and September 21. Pre-orders for pick up or delivery are available now. Choose from different flavours like durian, taro, black sesame, chocolate, pineapple or salted egg.

To learn more, click here.

2. Amour Desserts

Ok, the mooncakes at Amour Desserts are so popular that they’ve already sold out of deliveries before the 21st of September. But, you can still order mooncakes for delivery after the festival, on September 24 or 25. They’ll be worth the wait. Try traditional flavours like lotus paste or red bean, opt for a pop of colour with their snow skin mooncakes, or try something different like their exotic Nyonya sambal mooncake.

For more information about pick up and delivery info, click here.

3. Breadtop

Who doesn’t love Breadtop? This reliable bakery has stores all over Melbourne, so you won’t have to travel far for mooncake. There’s a seriously massive range of flavours, like custard, durian, white lotus, red bean, white sesame and more. They also have chewy snow mochi mooncake in a variety of flavours. Pre-orders are available now.

Click here to find your nearest store.

4. Fellow Mart

At this online dessert store in Melbourne, you can order homemade snow skin mooncake. They do pre-orders for you to get your mooncake every Sunday. Choose to pick up your order at the RMIT University/Franklin Street Tram Station, or for delivery to select suburbs. The flavours of mooncake this year are durian, taro, matcha, chocolate, Oreo and red bean.

For more information, visit Fellow Mart’s website.


5. Top Tea

Top Tea may be a bubble tea store, but they’ve also got some excellent mooncakes this year. Mooncake gift boxes are available in packs of six and there are two types of gift boxes to choose from. The first contains four flavours, with three salted egg custard, one black truffle lava, one chocolate lava and one salted egg custard with mochi. The second gift box contains four salted egg custard, one chocolate lava and one salted egg custard with mochi.

Walk ins are available for their Elizabeth Street, Swanston Street and Box Hill stores. You can also get it delivered through Australia Post.

Send Top Tea a DM through their Instagram to get your box.

6. Joy Jaune

This small artisan patisserie in Preston serves handmade, freshly baked mooncakes. Their custard mooncake is a crumbly crust containing custard made from Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean, with free range egg, butter and salted egg yolk. Meanwhile, their chocolate mooncake is made from a cocoa flaky crust, with a chocolate filling made from rich, single origin Tanzanian chocolate, free range egg, butter and fleur de sel.

Mooncakes from Joy Jaune must be pre-ordered. They can be picked up from Preston, or delivered depending on your address. For more information, click here.

7. LuxBite

This beautiful bakery in South Yarra has gift boxes of pastries that are perfect for Mid-Autumn Festival. Enjoy a salty egg yolk pastry with either white lotus seed paste or red bean paste. These gift boxes come in a pack of six. Schedule a pick up time from LuxBite or get it delivered.

For more information, visit their website.

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