Dishes From Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets Will Be Delivered To Your Homes

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Dishes From Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets Will Be Delivered To Your Homes

The hawker-style market will be coming in hot to your homes.

Since 2014, Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets have taken place at Birrarung Marr where dozens and dozens of stalls have set up to bring to hungry-hungry Melburnians a whole heap of noodles as well as plenty of other signature dishes.

However, this year things are looking different as our beloved Night Noodle Markets has evolved from a night out to an exclusive in-home affair with noodles and more being delivered straight to your door for the entire month of June. Instead of waiting in queues to get your feed, you’ll now be waiting at the door for your delivery.

This year, though, the selection of stalls offering up sizzling plates of noodles and other Asian banquets and feasts has been limited to just eight vendors which should make for less time umming and ahhing and more time for slurping. They include favourites like Flying Noodles/TwistoHoi Pinoy who are also serving up slow-smoked chicken wingettes, Indomie is back with their Mi Goreng burritos and burgers, Thai Tide, Wonderbao, and dessert as well from the likes of Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts and Kariton Sorbetes. To see the full menu of each eatery, take a look here.


Co-presented by DoorDash, all the feeds will be available via the app. If it’s your first time signing up to use the app, you’re in for a 25% off discount as well as free delivery. Time to check with your partner, friends or housemates who has and hasn’t used DoorDash. And for Citi cardholders, you also can get $20 off of the cost of your meal, feast or banquet—what you call it will depend on how much food you order.

For all the info, see the Night Noodle Markets website.

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