This Short Video Explains Why These Escalators Are The Most Dangerous In Australia

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This Short Video Explains Why These Escalators Are The Most Dangerous In Australia

If you’re a Melburnian, you know exactly what escalators we’re talking about.

The escalators at Parliament Station, part of Melbourne’s City Loop, were built in 1983 and are the longest escalators anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. They are 30-metres long and take on average one minute and thirty seconds to travel down. That is, if you don’t slip and fall. (Featured image: Noël)

Escalators at Melbourne’s busiest train stations account for two to three incidents per week with a majority of those taking place at Parliament and almost one-third of falls on Parliament’s escalators happened after people gained a solid footing.

So, just when you’re feeling safe—BOOM. Danger strikes.


Subsequently, the escalators have been likened to a mild-amusement park ride and have become somewhat of an attraction to locals and tourists alike.


But, why is there an inherent risk involved in taking the escalators at Parliament station?

To find out, just watch Julian O’Shea’s informative five-minute video below where he’ll explain how the design of the escalators contributes to the spatial disorientation you might feel when taking the escalators at Parliament.

Once you know the why and how, you can explain it to others before taking the trip up or down. Just remember to hold onto the railing.

Based in Melbourne, Julian O’Shea is a qualified engineer, social entrepreneur and founder of Unbound, an educational startup that works with Australian universities to develop innovative educational experiences. His Youtube channel is growing with more five-minute informative videos like Why Do Trucks Keep Smashing Into This Bridge, The World’s Ugliest Colour, and The Car Park That Became A Cultural Icon.

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