You Can Now Rent A Private Caribbean Island With Stunning Views For You And Five Mates

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You Can Now Rent A Private Caribbean Island With Stunning Views For You And Five Mates

Dream on dreamer and dream of places far far away…


Because who says you can’t make your private island dream holiday come true?

You’re probably thinking ‘yeah sure, bet that’ll cost an arm and a leg’ right now, but you’d stand corrected – with an average night at Bird Island costing just $961 a night, and with space enough for six, that rings in at just $170-odd per person (for absolute luxury in Belize, may we add).

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Located in the Caribbean Sea away from the mainland, the tropical island is left completely undisturbed for guests, so you can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet away from civilisation with just your chosen group of pals. Enjoy your very own patch of white sand, kick back on the fishing deck, take a dip in the warm blue sea, or even shake up a few cocktails behind your very own private bar before relaxing on the over-water swings and hammocks that have been newly installed for 2020.

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The colourful island consists of four separate buildings, including the main house, an upstairs suite and two cabanas – all of which include bedrooms for guests to enjoy their own space with just the sound of the ocean accompanying them.


Credit: Airbnb

The owners of the island go above and beyond for their guests, too, offering to collect anyone who’s booked a stay from the local airport and even offering to take them food shopping on the way to help them get fully stocked up for the duration. And if that wasn’t enough already, they also run their own tour company – where you can take advantage of fishing, snorkelling and lobstering adventures.

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The owners don’t plan on increasing prices for at least the next year, either, allowing guests to explore the isolated retreat at the same low price for months to come. There’s currently a four-night minimum stay in place for those who do wish to stay on Bird Island, but with the luxury of your very own ocean and bar to enjoy, we wouldn’t be contesting against an extended stay. Find out more here.

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