Get Food And Drink Delivered This Grand Final Weekend And Feast Like Kings And Queens

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Get Food And Drink Delivered This Grand Final Weekend And Feast Like Kings And Queens

Are we allowed at the pub to watch the Grand Final?

The answer is a maybe. It’s not yet a yes, but it’s definitely not a no, so some pubs and bars have been taking table bookings in the hope that they’ll be able to open their doors, fire up the kitchens and make sure there are enough kegs not to run out.

However, for beer gardens to open up and allow groups of ten to sit together from October 19, Melbourne’s 14-day average would need to drop below five. Although we’re getting closer, we’re still not there yet and it doesn’t seem like the rules and restrictions are going to change just for our most revered of public holidays.

Such is our current situation that bars, cafes, and restaurants across the city have put together Grand Final Long Weekend Packs just in case. And to be pretty honest, most of the ones we’ve seen look damn good. Like, real good. Like, why have I never thought about doing this before?

Whether you need food for two, for four, or for the whole family, there’s definitely something from Providoor, Melbourne’s marketplace for quality chef-prepared meals delivered to your home and finished by you for the freshest of finishes.

For Two

1. Maha

Image: Providoor / Maha


Melbourne’s best Middle Eastern restaurant has not only continued serving up delicious food through lockdown, but it has also gotten round to teaching us at home how to properly prepare some of their most famous dishes with their online cooking classes. They’ve now put together two special Grand Final feasts for footy and foodie fiends to marry their two loves on the one day.

Maha Grand Final Grazing Menu – $130

Maha Grand Final Feast – $160

2. Pepe’s

Image: Providoor / Pepe’s

Do you go for the 4-pack of beers or the two Pepe’s cocktails to kick off your Grand Final shenanigans? And the food? Well, everything you see in the photo above, which is a sweet selection of snacks for any game of footy.

Footy Pack – $120

For Four

3. Hanoi Hannah

Image: Providoor / Hanoi Hannah

Hanoi Hannah needs no explanation, but their Grand Final feast will take you a minute to run through with your guests because this grazing pack comes loaded with enough options that everyone has to be happy. The only downside is that your favourites will be eaten right before your eyes if you’re a slow eater. And in good news for the host, Hanoi Hannah’s pack comes with bamboo plates and bowls and forks so not only will cleaning up be a breeze, but you’re also being environmentally responsible.


“The Long Weekender” Entertainers Pack – $232

4. Marameo

Image: Providoor / Marameo

One of the fancier options on offer through Providoor, Marameo’s footy feast will see you knocking back oysters and Moreton Bay bugs, Squid ink Spaghetti with crab, a lamb shoulder and a whole chicken. Dessert too. With so much food and so many different options, you might need some help in the kitchen getting it all ready in time for the game.

Long weekend ‘FAMILY FEED ME’ pack – $220

5. Di Stasio

Image: Providoor / Di Stasio

The football party pack from Di Stasio’s is going to make setting up and hosting the Grand Final this year so simple and so easy but oh, so tasty. I reckon this is the type of party food offering I dreamt of when I was a kid. Nom Nom Nom.

Football Party Pack – $110

Is That All?


There are more than 30 other top-tier Melbourne restaurants supplying footy-mad supporters this Grand Final Long Weekend, but to make sure you get your box of ingredients and ready-prepped meals you’re going to need to reserve your order sooner rather than later.

Go to Providoor here for more info and here for all the special Grand Final feasts you can get delivered to your home.

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(Featured image: Charlievdb)

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