Qantas Is Planning On Giving Away Free Travel And More Prizes To Vaccinated Australians

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Qantas Is Planning On Giving Away Free Travel And More Prizes To Vaccinated Australians

Qantas is launching a vaccination incentive scheme this July.

As Australia’s vaccination program has gotten off to a sluggish start and a good deal of the population is still waiting on getting their jab, our national airline carrier has come out on breakfast television to incentivise Australians to go and get vaccinated.

Speaking to the Today Show on Monday morning, CEO Alan Joyce said, ”We are looking at giving 1000 points flight vouchers, credits and we are going to offer ten mega prizes, at least one for each state and territory, where a family of four get unlimited travel on the Qantas and Jetstar network, anywhere in the network for a year.”

Free travel for you and your family for an entire year to anywhere Qantas and Jetstar fly? That’s definitely something we can get behind. And even if we lose out on the big prize, there’s still a bunch of other littler prizes to be won. Or, so we have been told.

While details have not yet been finalised, Qantas is keen on the population getting their shots (open borders and what not make for better business) and is teaming up with others in the hospitality and tourism industry to further encourage Aussies. Apparently, Accor Group will also offer a million points and free accommodation to the winning families. Hopefully, there’ll be runner-up accommodation prizes too.


“We are trying our best to help with this rollout – it will be retrospective and will include anyone who has already been vaccinated and will apply to anybody that is vaccinated until the end of 2021,” Joyce said. In other words, you’re already going straight into the draw if you’ve already been vaccinated. That’s plenty of competition, though.

Although international travel is still off the cards (some reports say 2022, other reports say 2024), Qantas is gearing up to resume international flights this year. We like their confidence.

Watch this space for more announcements from Qantas.

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