Wander The Royal Botanic Gardens With A Baron In Your Ear On This Free Audio Tour

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Wander The Royal Botanic Gardens With A Baron In Your Ear On This Free Audio Tour

Immerse yourself in nature and history.

We all know how important it is for our mental health to get out and about in nature. And with spring around the corner, and the days getting a little warmer, daily walks seem more inviting than ever. But, would you like to make your daily walk a little more interesting? Pop over to the Royal Botanic Gardens, if it’s within your 5km, and check out their free, narrative audio tour. Explore the Gardens with the Baron Ferdinand von Mueller in your ear. He’ll help you see the Gardens in a whole new light.

Flora and the Baron

It sounds a bit like a historical romance novel, but Flora and the Baron is a narrative audio tour that invites you to see the Royal Botanic Gardens in a new way. In this self-guided tour, you’ll listen to Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, the first director of the Gardens, tell you stories about the Gardens and his life.

Source: State Library of Victoria

Wander the Gardens with the Baron as a ghostly figure in your ear. After being banished from the Gardens for the last twenty years of his life, he returns to marvel at his scientific legacy and warn us about the environmental havoc produced by his own actions.

The Baron’s voice is brought to life thanks to Bowerbird Theatre. They explored the Baron’s archives to bring this script to life, featuring his writing in the tour. The Baron was not only a botanist and scientific powerhouse, but an eccentric outsider as well.


How does the audio tour work?

You will need a charged smartphone and headphones for this tour. Start outside Gate F on Birdwood Avenue, scan the QR code and press play on the audio file. The Baron will guide you through the Gardens, but there are also directional signs in some locations to help you along. This walking tour will last about 50 minutes, perfect for your daily exercise routine!

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This free audio tour is presented by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria as part of the Victoria Nature Festival from September 11 to 26. However, it will be available to listen to until the end of 2021. To see what else is on at the Gardens for the Nature Festival, click here.

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