Seeing Eye Dogs Are Looking For Puppy Carers In Melbourne

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A puppy in flowers

Consider being a puppy carer your good deed for the year.

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs, a non-profit organisation, are on the hunt for new puppy carers. It’s a task that needs a lot of responsibility and a lot of cuddles, kisses and squishes. As a puppy carer, you’ll receive a bundle of joy that’s just eight weeks old. And it’ll be your responsibility to look after the puppy for about a year, raising them into a noble dog that’s ready for a Seeing Eye Dog job.

Do you accept the challenge?

What makes a good puppy carer?

Now, cuteness and fluffiness and lifelong memories aside, there are some things you’ll have to consider. Apart from providing a loving home, you’ll have to help socialise the puppy and teach it basic skills like sitting, walking nicely on a lead and toilet training.

You’ll also need a secure yard free from hazards like toxic plants but you’ll need to keep the puppy inside with you so that they can learn to behave calmly indoors. The puppy shouldn’t be left alone for more than three hours a day so you’ll have to be a present parent! You’ll need to be at home anyway, as you’ll regularly receive visits from a Puppy Development Trainer during business hours.


You don’t have to have any dog training to become a puppy carer so if you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. The cost for all equipment, food, health care, training and vet costs will be covered by Seeing Eye Dogs. Furthermore, you’ll have a Puppy Development Trainer who’ll provide support. They’ll meet you on a weekly basis at first, and visits will then move to fortnightly and monthly as the puppy grows older.

As their headquarters are based in Melbourne, Seeing Eye Dogs are looking for full-time puppy carers in the following locations:

  • East of Melbourne to the Yarra Ranges (anywhere south of the eastern freeway)
  • South east of Melbourne to Portsea (anywhere south of the eastern freeway)
  • Kensington, Flemington, North Melbourne, Ascot Vale, West Melbourne
  • Bendigo region and surrounding suburbs

The application process takes around six weeks. To find out more information and apply, visit the Seeing Eye Dogs website.

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