Shopfronts Around Melbourne Will Be Revitalised Into Creative Spaces

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Shopfronts Around Melbourne Will Be Revitalised Into Creative Spaces

This project will liven up shopfronts in vacant areas around Melbourne.

When you walk in the city, you’ll see vacant shops in places that were once vibrant and lively. Affected by the pandemic, these shopfronts are now empty. It’s an unfortunate situation that the City of Melbourne would like to remedy. In a $2.6 million activation program, the City of Melbourne and Victorian Government will transform at least 75 shopfronts in high vacancy areas around the city into creative spaces.

Bringing life back into the city

At least 75 shopfronts will be transformed into creative spaces, bespoke displays and pop-up shops in this program. This project will feature local art and invite foot traffic across the CBD. Areas targeted in this initiative include Lygon Street, Docklands and the eastern end of the CBD.

“It’s upsetting to see so many high-profile shopfronts sitting empty, from former cafes along the harbour in Docklands, to shuttered souvenir shops in the CBD and restaurants on Lygon Street,” said Councillor Kevin Louey.

According to him, the shopfront activation program will revitalise key areas of the city that desperately need attention. He also hopes that this program will foster a sense of community.

This program is part of the $100 million Melbourne City Recovery Fund. The Fund aims to bring people back to the city by supporting businesses, improving the CBD and creating COVID-safe events.


Now, this shopfront activation program will support the creative industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“This shopfront activation program will give free space to artists, budding entrepreneurs and artisan makers to test their business ideas and help attract Melburnians back into the city,” said Lord Mayor Sally Capp.

“Through flexible, short-term agreements, we will be creating hubs of activity that support important sectors, create jobs, and bring back the buzz. As we bounce back and our streets fill with action again, initiatives like these will help us build consumer confidence and ultimately encourage longer-term commercial leases.”

Learn more about the initiative here.

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