A Family Of Gigantic Skywhale Hot Air Balloons Will Soon Soar Across Melbourne’s Skies

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A Family Of Gigantic Skywhale Hot Air Balloons Will Soon Soar Across Melbourne’s Skies

In things we didn’t expect to see, a family of Skywhale hot air balloons will fly before our eyes next year. Both Skywhale and Skywhalepapa are monumental sculptures from artist Patricia Piccinini, who is currently holding an exhibition inside Flinders Street Ballroom. Following flight events in Canberra, Adelaide and Albury, these Skywhale balloons will drift into Melbourne on Tuesday March 1 in 2022.

Source: Supplied by MPavilion

Skywhale Hot Air Balloons

Watch in amazement as these mammalian creatures soar through the air. These two balloons are coming to Melbourne as part of a National Gallery touring event. Their inaugural flight will be a part of MPavilion’s massive program and they will launch in March next year.

Skywhale was first created in 2013, and Skywhalepapa made its debut in Canberra in February this year. Skywhale was inspired by nature, while Skywhalepapa was inspired by nurture. On Skywhalepapa, you’ll discover nine babies nestling under its fins. These surreal sculptures are over 30 metres high, and their stories are told in Piccinini’s children’s book, “Every Heart Sings”.

Meanwhile, an exhibition at National Gallery of Australia featured studio drawings and 3D models of the Skywhales. There was also an interview with the artist, to look at the development of the two creatures.


Source: Supplied by MPavilion


The launch of the Skywhale balloons will be a part of MPavilion, encapsulating their March theme of “Design As A Human Right”. This year, MPavilion will have its longest season yet. It will stretch out around Melbourne across 152 days and feature over 250 free events. This creative architecture and design event will start in November 2021 and end in April 2022. There will be a different theme each month.

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Learn more about the Skywhale event here.

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