Chapel Street Is Being Invaded By Giant Intergalactic Space Robots This January

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Chapel Street Is Being Invaded By Giant Intergalactic Space Robots This January

We can’t stand by and watch the destruction of this beautiful planet …

… is what I imagine these giant space robots commandeering Chapel Street are thinking.

Whether they actually speak or not, like our dear ally Optimus Prime, we’re not so sure, but we do know that these Space Robots are here to save our world by boosting the local economy and bringing attention to ”the importance of recycling.” And like the Autobots, they look damn cool as well. (Featured image: Robot SPACEland)

The robots themselves have been made from upcycled materials and have incorporated industrial waste wherever possible. The installations, measuring up to seventeen metres in height, promote sustainability and minimise waste streams, but they truly grab your attention when they light up with sounds, lasers and specials moves from 8pm. In other words, the best time to go see them is when they come alive at night.

Make sure you have your cameras ready because this is one spectacle you want proof of existence.


Brought to Earth by design firm XYZ Dimensions and in collaboration with the City of Stonnington, the out-of-this-world open-air exhibition called Robot SPACEland will be taking over four sites in the Chapel Street Precinct for the rest of the month. And best of all is that they’re free to go see.

Previously, the space robots have been on show at various festivals around Australia including Sydney’s VIVID Festival.

For more info and locations of the commandeered sites, see here. The space robots will be packing up their mission on 31 January.

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