The Speakeasy Crew Are Reopening Their Venues This Week So You Can Get Your Drink On

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The Speakeasy Crew Are Reopening Their Venues This Week So You Can Get Your Drink On

Eau-de-Vie, Boilermaker House, Mjølner and Nick & Nora’s are bringing forward their reopening.

In light of the announcement from Premier Dan Andrews, the Speakeasy Group has moved forward the openings of their Melbourne bars so that Melburnians can #getonthebeers or, as is the case with the premier himself, have a tipple from something a little higher up on the shelf.  (Featured image: @edvmelbourne)

With four venues across the city, the Speakeasy Group have got you spoiled for choice. And to truly celebrate the end of the lockdown, their newest Melbourne venue, Nick & Nora’s, will be throwing a party beginning at 11:59pm on Tuesday night. It is, however, sold out since Melburnians are pretty keen to get on the beers.

Online bookings are essential as capacity, obviously, is still limited.

1. Eau-de-Vie

Opening from Wednesday, 28 October

A 1920s-styled prohibition bar with its very own hidden Whisky Room and a top-notch cocktail book that will take you on a tour of the world’s theatres.

2. Boilermaker House

Opening from Wednesday, 28 October


There are 900 whiskies behind the bar and beers constantly on rotation so that you never get bored by what’s on offer.

3. Mjolner

Opening from Thursday, 29 October

Indulge in an opulent dining experience paired with world class beverages at this Viking-inspired speakeasy.

4. Nick & Nora’s

Opening from Wednesday, 28 October

Meant to be opening on Wednesday 4 November, Nick & Nora’s have moved up the celebration and been booked out already by eager punters. Once you get a table, you too will be able to choose your drinks based on a variety of characters.

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