The Biggest Beer Garden In The North-West Is Bringing Back Its Espresso Martini Festival · The Ascot Lot

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The Biggest Beer Garden In The North-West Is Bringing Back Its Espresso Martini Festival · The Ascot Lot

These Espresso Martinis bring everyone to the yard.

We love a good Espresso Martini. Actually, we think it’s one of the best drinks out there and we won’t ever get tired from ordering it. In fact, we think it’s the perfect choice to kick off a round of after-work drinks: part pick-me-up and part party-starter. We don’t care what that says about us. (Featured image: @kikesalazarn)

But, how many Espresso Martinis make an Espresso Martini Festival?

According to The Ascot Lot, the answer is five. At least, that’s the number of Espresso Martini variations they’ll be making as part of their Espresso Yourself Festival on Saturday 27 March. We think that five is a good number and The Ascot Lot is a great place to dive into an exploration of the self.

So, are you into the traditional take of the Espresso Martini as concocted by famous English bartender Dick Bradsell in the late 1980s. In other words, are you a purist?


Or, do you prefer a hot-new take on the classic? For those looking to stray from the norm, there will be cherry, coconut, mint and a Jaffa Smasher Espresso Martini flavours to whet your whistles with. Although, what they say about you, well, you might not like being known for cracking dad jokes and wearing Hawaiian shirts, but that’s you.

However, no matter which you choose, each one will just cost you just $12. That’s right, $12 for a cocktail.

Keen to try them all? Grab yourself the Espresso Yourself Pass for $49 and drink them all in one sitting. Although, we’re not sure how well you’ll be feeling after all that caffeine buzzing about your body, let alone with all that alcohol. Luckily, entry is free so you can spend more money on food with food trucks soon to be announced.

Espresso Yourself takes place on 27 March at The Ascot Lot at 48-462 Mt Alexander Roadd, Ascot Vale.

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