Escape The City And Immerse Yourself In Nature At This Off-Grid Tiny House

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Escape The City And Immerse Yourself In Nature At This Off-Grid Tiny House

Looking for the perfect local getaway? Feeling trapped by the daily grind? This tiny house might just be the perfect remedy to heal your heart and your mind. Tiny Stays offers three gorgeous tiny homes to escape in around the state, and each little house packs a big punch. Inside, you’ll find all the things you need to live a comfortable life, and outside, you’ll find endless, breathtaking scenery. I was lucky enough to stay at their Mornington Peninsula house, but there are also tiny homes available in the beautiful Yarra Valley and the spectacular Heathcote. Adventure awaits!

Image: Nicole de Souza

Arriving at Tiny Stays

One of the first things you’ll notice about these tiny homes is the sense of absolute privacy. The Mornington Peninsula tiny house is perfectly obscured from the road. If you didn’t know what to look for, you wouldn’t even know it was there. A little sign on a gate is the only indication that this little getaway exists.

Then, once you pass the gate, you’re all alone in your little world. The tiny house is dwarfed by the expanse of land, and you can see nothing but trees and green fields stretching out into the distance.

Your neighbours? Some friendly cows next door, and some singing birds above.

Staying at the Tiny House

When you step inside, you’ll be blown away by all the creature comforts they could fit into such a small space. Rest on a comfortable queen sized bed with luxury bed linen. Enjoy cooking on the stove, listening to music on the bluetooth speaker and drinking refreshing bottles of water straight from the fridge. Inside the cupboards, you’ll find kitchen essentials, like plates, pans, cutlery, sauces, muesli, sugar, tea, coffee and more.


There are also plenty of boards games and books to keep you occupied during your stay.

Outside, you’ll find a picnic table, a fire pit, a hammock, and plenty of green space for frolicking. Tiny Stays also provides useful things like mosquito repellant and sunscreen to keep you comfortable.

This house is completely off-grid, and relies on solar power and rainwater. So, not only do you get the benefit of a relaxing getaway, you’ll also rest easy knowing that you’ve minimised your environmental impact.

The shower offers plenty of hot water, and there’s a fan to keep you nice and cool during the summer days.

The tiny house truly offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. Stay cosy in the house under the warm blankets, or head outside and cook marshmallows over a warm fire.

Image: Nicole de Souza

Nearby attractions

This particular house is located on Red Hill, and the beauty of this location is that it’s mere minutes away from other incredible attractions, like Arthur’s Seat, Enchanted Adventure, and more wineries than you can possibly count. So, if you’re feeling up for some exploration, you have plenty of choices. It’s also a mere ten minute drive to the nearest beach or supermarket, so you can swap your views of wineries with ocean waves fairly quickly. If you’d like even more relaxation, the ever popular Peninsula Hot Springs is only twenty minutes away.


But, the tiny house is a destination in and of itself. Resting at Tiny Stays, away from the hustle and bustle of life, allows you to truly relax and connect with yourself and the world around you. There’s something incredibly satisfying about making a cup of tea, sitting outside and gazing at rolling hills, knowing there’s absolutely nothing that you need to do.

Cook marshmallows under the stars, play UNO for the first time in forever, and wake up to gentle sunbeams streaming through the window.

How did Tiny Stays come to life?

Brother and sister duo, Ben and Aimee Stanton, were both stuck working long hours and needing a change of pace. After quitting, they both became avid travellers who stayed in unique places, like tiny homes and tree houses.

“We wanted to create something similar back home, and offer Australians a unique, off-grid experience in nature, where they could escape from their busy lives for a few days,” said Ben.

The Heathcote house/Supplied

At the start of 2018, they put their brains together and got to work. As they both have previous experience in construction, creating the tiny houses was a breeze.

“We absolutely loved that with careful planning and design, you could fit all the amenities and comforts of a luxury hotel room into a small package,” said Ben.

Future plans

Tiny Stays currently has locations in Mornington Peninsula, Heathcote and the Yarra Valley. If you’ve tried all three, and you’re looking for more excitement, there’s good news. More tiny houses are on the horizon.

The team plan on adding two more locations by the end of the year, and several more spectacular locations in 2022.

“Booking details for our newest location, in the Daylesford and Mt Macedon region, will be up on our website shortly,” said Ben.

Yarra Valley Tiny House/Supplied

You can book your own Tiny House experience at Tiny Stays from $233 a night. The house comfortably fits two guests. Check availability and reserve your space here. Secret Melbourne stayed as guests of Tiny Stays.

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