Solve A Murder Based On Melbourne’s True Crime History With This Augmented Reality Game

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Solve A Murder Based On Melbourne’s True Crime History With This Augmented Reality Game

Play this at home, or add this to your daily exercise routine if you live within 5km of the city.

It seems like everyone in Melbourne loves a bit of true crime. Plenty of historical walking tours, TV shows and podcasts are devoted to true crime, both in Melbourne and outside of it. But, have you ever solved a real murder mystery with augmented reality? True Crime Games, a games studio based in Melbourne, has recently released an AR game for you to sink your teeth into.

Source: Supplied by True Crime Games

Eastern Market Murder

True Crime Mysteries is a world-first series of augmented reality games based on true crime cases. Their latest instalment, Eastern Market Murder, brings a gripping case from 1899 to life.

Step back in time to the once-thriving Eastern Market in Melbourne. There, a popular fortune teller is attacked, leaving her husband brutally murdered. Use your keen detective skills to get to the bottom of this mystery. Gain clues, visit witnesses and piece together enough information to outsmart the killer and restore justice.

“We’ve always been drawn to stories of injustice and this one is particularly heart-wrenching,” said Emma Ramsay, co-founder of True Crime Games. “This horrific crime caught the attention of the public in 1899, and after being buried for 120 years, we’re challenging players to put their detective skills to the test and ask the questions that have always surrounded the event.”

Source: Supplied by True Crime Games

Due to the lockdown, Melburnians can exercise for up to two hours within 5km of their home. If you live within 5km of Bourke Street and Exhibition Street, where the Eastern Market used to be, you can play this game as part of your daily exercise routine. It’s a self-guided experience that will take you through the alleyways of the city. Through the use of AR, you can see the characters on the very streets they once roamed. It takes about 1.5 hours to play through the game.


Of course, most people around Melbourne don’t live within 5km of the CBD. Thankfully, this game can be played at home too. No walking is required when you’re playing offsite, so the game time shortens to around one hour. It’s the perfect way to pass the time during lockdown.

Need more?

Eastern Market Murder is the second game in the True Crime Mysteries series. Their first game, Misadventure In Little Lon, debuted as part of Melbourne International Games Week in 2019. Travel back to 1910 and investigate the events that led to Ernest Gunter’s death. Similar to Eastern Market Murder, this game can also be played anywhere in the world.

How can I play?

In order to play Eastern Market Murder, simply download it through Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS. It costs $4.99 to purchase the game.

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