Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day With These Date Ideas

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Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day With These Date Ideas

It’s that time of year again where love is everywhere.

Whatever you may think of Valentine’s Day, you just know that it’s near on impossible to escape its clutches. There are hearts and signs pointing to roses and chocolates everywhere. (Featured image: @mayurgala)

So, why even try? Why not embrace love, if not February 14, and make the most of it with whoever you want: a boyfriend or girlfriend, a wife or husband, a best friend or even with yourself because if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?

From the fun to the romantic but in no particular order, here’s our pick of Melbourne date ideas for this Valentine’s Day, which just so happens to fall on the weekend in 2021 but in no way means that your love cannot be expressed on any other day.

1. Hop It to a Victorian winery

Treat yourself and your loved one(s), whoever they may be, to a day out at some of Victoria’s finest wineries, but save yourself the trouble of driving there yourself with Hop It, the safe and secure way to explore Victoria’s wine-making regions and wineries.

2. Picnic at extreme heights

If you’re after something a little (okay, a lot) different where you won’t need to be battling for space with strangers, then Bright Adventure Company has got the goods for you—but only if you’re not afraid of heights because this is one extreme picnic.

Hanging off the side of a cliff is a truly unique experience, so show your Valentine this year that they deserve only the most truly special experiences and that there is no one else you’d rather go on an adventure with.

If picnicking at 300 metres is a bit of a tall order, then check out one of these Melbourne parks and gardens instead, or head to one of these wonderful waterfalls where you can lose yourself in the serenity of the sound of water falling.


3. Jump in the car, load up a playlist and just drive

Valentine’s Day, if anything, is about spending quality time with your loved one. And there are few better ways to spend quality time together then jumping in the car, loading up a playlist of your favourite songs, and hitting the open road to explore as far and wide as possible. You can choose from one of these six scenic drives that will take you through some of Victoria’s most astounding natural scenery and stop off wherever you please.

Otherwise, you could hit up the Victorian Silo Art Trail out in the state’s west or drive down to the Mornington Peninsula and check out the Point Leo Estate winery and Sculpture Park. You might even be able to squeeze in a visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs while you’re down there.

4. Play games and see who comes out on top

From channelling your inner-Viking and hurling hatchets to unleashing your inner-Pollock and hurling paint at walls, or finding that there is a sleuth deep within you, have some fun this Valentine’s Day. Not everybody is into romance.

5. Adopt an adorable cat or kitten

A pet is a great new step in a relationship, and adopting an adorable cat in need is a way to give yourself all the feels this year. I mean, look at them! Find out more about the callout from the Melbourne Lost Dogs Home here. But keep in mind that adopting an animal is a big step, so don’t just do it on a whim because you think it will be cute.

6. Sail the High Seas without stepping onto a boat

On this year’s High Seas voyage at The Westin Melbourne, you will work your way through a gin salt and vinegar potato crisps served with crème fraiche and Yarra Valley Bloody Shiraz Gin caviar, native oysters with finger lime and Rare Dry Gin and nori scones with whipped yuzu butter as well as Four Pillars curry botanical scallop pot pies, a Hiramasa kingfish scotch egg with Four Pillars orange marmalade and a Port Phillip Bay snapper ceviche with pepper berry.

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