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A Massive Vegan Food Hub Is Coming To Collingwood This November

Nicole de Souza Nicole de Souza - Staff Writer

A Massive Vegan Food Hub Is Coming To Collingwood This November

Expect a restaurant, grocer, deli and canteen all in one space.

Shannon Martinez is on a mission to change the way we look at plant-based eating. And now, she is about to open a 500 square metre vegan hub in Collingwood, one of the largest vegan food hubs in the world. She is taking her iconic vegan eateries, Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli, and fusing them together into one massive space. This new vegan hub is expected to launch early in November.

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“I really want to give vegan dinning the glamour it’s been missing,” said Martinez. “People will be overwhelmed by the size, it’s definitely the biggest food hub in the country. I have been wanting to up the ante for some time and while I was sick I had the time to think about these changes. The new space is all the things I’ve wanted to do, now they’re coming to life.”

What can you expect?

This massive vegan food hub will be set inside a repurposed fire station in Collingwood.

On the one side, you will find an enhanced version of Smith & Daughters, with a Vivienne Westwood inspired interior. It will seat 80 people, and will feature a U-shaped open kitchen. “Smith and Daughters has always been a little grungy, which I have loved, but it’s time for this to grow up a little,” said Martinez. It will be both glamorous and gothic.

Meanwhile, Smith & Deli will have a dining area for the first time, with 30 seats available. There will be long tables in the middle of the room and high benches with stools across the windows. A main feature of the deli will be a cafeteria style serving station, where you’ll be able to choose from a selection of hot meals, salads, sides and drinks. The deli will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather grab and go, there will be a grocery section too. It’ll be full of fresh produce, ready-made meals, vegan cheeses and of course, their doughnuts.


There will be a massive kitchen that will connect the two spaces. It will have glass walls from the floor to the ceiling, so you can see the magic happen.

This new vegan food hub is expected to open at 107 Cambridge Street, Collingwood in early November.

Can’t wait that long? If you’re missing Smith & Daughters because of the current lockdown, you can try Smith At Home. Treat yourself with a Banquet for 2, and add your favourite things from the deli, like their doughnuts or their brownies. Smith At Home delivers to specific postcodes on different days, so keep your eyes peeled for when they’re dropping by your neighbourhood.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Shannon Martinez’s Instagram for updates on her opening vegan food hub.

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