This Super Easy Prep-At-Home Five-Course Dinner Makes Date Night A Charm

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This Super Easy Prep-At-Home Five-Course Dinner Makes Date Night A Charm

Vesper Bistro & Bar’s five-dish feast is a flavourful journey to the isles of the Mediterranean you don’t want to miss.

And to experience this flavourful journey all you need to do is follow Vesper’s super-simple preparation instructions after receiving your menu box—allow ingredients to reach room temperature, remove from sealed bag, six minutes in the oven and serve. Then, just sit down to a delicious five-dish feast at home that takes inspiration from both land and sea.

It’s a feast worthy of sharing and savouring, and the perfect plan to spark the sensation you’re dining out or on a Mediterranean island. 

Your culinary journey, which arrives the day after you place your order, begins with a house-cured ocean trout and a Yarra Valley smoked salmon roe dressed with a pomegranate vinaigrette. The fresh coastal flavours continue with a poached Catalan of rockling, prawns and snapper garnished with lime, olive oil and preserved ginger before your round of entrées end with a marinated Fremantle octopus.

While the slow-cooked Angus beef short rib is in the oven for six minutes, serve a round of drinks and heat the black truffle sauce. Then, dress the beef and serve it with the mushrooms and glazed onions. Your main dish is that easy to prepare but don’t forget the radicchio, persimmon, Parmesan cheese & chervil salad which complements every bite.

If you still have room for more, dessert is the Vesper trifle—a dark chocolate mousse with blood orange caramel and hazelnut cake. It’s the sweetest touch to round out your meal and all you need to do is take it out of the fridge when it’s time to dig in. A five-dish menu at home has never been so simple.

Vesper’s menu has been designed to excite your palate and to take you on a journey to southern Europe with its combination of ingredients, flavours and textures. But although the five-dish dinner is complete as is, Vesper has also put together three beverage options to help you take this feast to the next level.

You could start off your evening with a Mediterranean lager or a Vesper martini each before uncorking a Malbec or bottle of Borrow Cuttings Picqpul. The choice is yours, but if you¡re looking to wine and dine late into the evening, just like you would on holiday, then choose both bottles and treat yourself to a special night. 

The at-home five-dish menu box by the chic and contemporary Vesper Bistro and Bar on Toorak Road is available from Wednesdays to Sundays. Order it by 4pm and you could be on a flavourful journey to the Mediterranean the very next night.

The dinner for two costs $150 while the luxe, martini and two bottle wine package is priced at $220. Treat yourself to a night in on the Mediterranean. You won’t forget it.

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