6 Wonderful Waterfalls To Chase In Victoria

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6 Wonderful Waterfalls To Chase In Victoria

Victoria is the Garden State.

Some of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights and sounds are that of water falling.

Perhaps it’s thanks to the soothing sounds of the water, or the thought that the water flowing over the rocks has been doing so for thousands and millions of years, slowly but surely forging its path? Or maybe it’s the feeling of the water on your head and body as you swim underneath; a refreshing shower out in nature?

Whatever the calling, here are six waterfalls to chase so that you can make a quick escape and enjoy some of the natural beauty our state has to offer.

1. Steavanson Falls, Marysville

Steavansons Falls is one of Victoria’s highest waterfalls at 84 metres. It is also one of the first to be opened up to tourists, way back in 1866, meaning that this is one of the easier cascades to chase with just a 700-metre path leading you from the carpark to the lookout.

It can be made longer if you leave the car back in Marysville, which we highly recommend doing, and take the Tree Fern Gully Trail (7km return), which will lead you through bushland that has changed dramatically since 2009’s Black Saturday bushfires and up along the Steavenson river until you reach the falls.

If you feel more like a night-time jaunt through the woods, Steavensons Falls is one of your best options as the path and the falls themselves are lit up by floodlights between dusk and midnight.


2. Bindaree Falls, Mount Buller

Have you ever wanted to see the view from behind a waterfall without needing to dive in and swim beneath the thundering water? If that sounds like something you’ve thought before, then Bindaree Falls is your perfect waterfall to chase since there is a wooden-viewing platform that passes directly behind so you can appreciate the curtain of water before your eyes.

Unfortunately, vehicle access to the falls is not possible from June to November due to seasonal track closures in the High Country. However, from November to June the falls can be reached via Circuit Road around Mt Stirling. Turn left at Bindaree Road and continue for five kilometres, stopping just before the bridge. A short walk then awaits.


3. Masons Falls, Kinglake West

Located in the beautiful Kinglake National Park, which is on the slopes of the Great Dividing Range, Masons Falls make for a wonderful day out with friends or fam. From the picnic area, there are numerous short walks among the towering gumtrees, lichens and ferns that populate the area. One of these walks, which is just 700-metres long, leads you to the falls themselves so you can smell when the meats cooking on the free-to-use gas BBQs are ready to eat.

Other, longer walks include the Mason Falls Loop and theĀ 7.8km Running Creek Walk. There are also forest pools to sit in and enjoy the sounds of the forest.



4. Agnes Falls, Hazel Park

Located in southeast Victoria, Agnes Falls can be found in Prom country, just 25kms past Foster along the South Gippsland Highway with a turnoff at Toora.

The reserve where the falls are located protects the small remnant of the forest that remains of the Strzelecki Ranges. You’ll find Tall Southern Blue Gums, Blackwood and Silver Wattles as well as a diverse understorey of ferns, Dogwood, Prickly Moses, and Hazel Pomaderris among others.

The walk to the falls, which are Victoria’s tallest single-span waterfall at 59m falling deep into the gorge below, is only 200m in length from the carpark.


5. MacKenzie Falls, Zumsteins

A visit to Grampians National Park is not complete without a trip to the spectacular MacKenzie Falls. One of Victoria’s largest falls, it is flowing all year round with water flowing over the huge cliffs into the gorge below and sending up a rainbow mist on sunny days.

The falls can be seen from the viewing platform at the top, which is a short one-kilometre walk to the Bluff, or from the foot of the falls which can be reached via a steep trail of about 260 narrow steps—about a 30 minute walk—so come prepared. For more adventure, tackle the MacKenzie River Walk (7km return) and see Fish Falls as well.


6. Wannon Falls, Hamilton

Wannon Falls come from a time when lava flowed in Victoria and a closer look at the 30-metre precipice reveals the intricate structure made from basalt lava.

Water plunges over the ledge into the punchbowl-pool below and continues down the Wannon River with slight rapids viewable from the lookout. At the rotunda, visitors can learn about the history of the area, including information about the Koori people as well as the diverse flora and fauna that can be found.

For those into camping, there is a campsite in the area. However, sites are unpowered.


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