This Humerus Family Of Skeletons In Williams Landing Is Counting Down The Days Till Halloween

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This Humerus Family Of Skeletons In Williams Landing Is Counting Down The Days Till Halloween

Meet Anna Skeleton.

Some call it the Joker House. Others, the Halloween House. And now, most recently, it is simply known as Anna’s House. Journey into Williams Landing in the western suburbs of Melbourne, and discover Anna Skeleton and her spooky crew, counting down the days until Halloween. This collection of skeletal figures is run by the Mitchell family, and every day, there is a different assortment of haunted props on display.

The story of Anna Skeleton

If you’re feeling scarily excited about Halloween, you’re not alone. Count down the days until Halloween with Anna, Angus Allan Heirloom (the First) and the rest of the Skeleton Family.

“We purchased our original Anna in 2019 and have counted down to Halloween with her since then,” said Natalie Mitchell.

At first, it started out as a way to entertain friends and family. However, with the kids stuck at home and the extended lockdown this year, she decided to move Anna outdoors for all to enjoy.

“I’ve been setting her and her family up every day outside for the community for the past 48 days straight,” said Natalie.

But, with a different display every day, they’ve had to get creative.

“The ideas are mostly based on topics that are relevant, suggestions offered by the public or based on props we already have at home,” said Natalie. “Every time we think of something, we write it down and try to stay relevant and make sure the story flows from day to day.”


They have a large shed filled with Halloween props, and when that’s not enough, they turn to Facebook Marketplace or hard rubbish to find inspiration.

Maxwell Mitchell, Natalie’s husband, is also a mural artist, so he’s always ready to give out suggestions and put his artistic skills to good use.

“Our whole home is covered in murals and [it] creates the perfect backdrop for Halloween all year round,” said Natalie.

Halloween Night

On Halloween, they’re also fundraising money for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. They’ve secured many sponsors for the event, and are encouraging people in the area to donate on the night and check out their Halloween display between 4pm and 9pm.

Follow the Skeleton family on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their daily antics.

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