13 Haunted Places Around Melbourne That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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13 Haunted Places Around Melbourne That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Beware, spooky season is upon us.

Melbourne has its fair share of haunted places and grim ghosts. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d find some of the city’s most eerie locations and creepy stories. Visit any one of these haunted places around Melbourne, and see if you notice anything amiss. Could it be the voice of a woman in the distance, or the cold hands of a dead murderer? Check out these haunted places of Melbourne if they’re within your 15km, and bring a friend for safety! Or, wait for ghost tours to resume, and explore these eerie locations with a paranormal expert.

1. Princess Theatre

Source: State Library of Victoria

The Princess Theatre is home to one of the most legendary ghosts of Melbourne, the famous actor Frederick Baker, also known as Frederick Federici. True to his job, his exit from life was dramatic and memorable. On opening night of Faust, Federici had a starring role as the devil Mephistopheles. In the final scene, he was meant to take Faust with him down to hell. As the trapdoor lowered, Federici had a heart attack. However, the audience had no idea, and his fellow actors insisted that he was on stage the whole time, bowing at curtain call with the rest of the cast.

2. Hotel Windsor

Source: State Library of Victoria

This regal hotel is steeped in history, and often welcomed guests who were visiting the nearby Princess Theatre. Established in 1883, it has seen several notable guests check in and out during its lifetime. Some guests, however, did not leave. Dame Nellie Melba, famed operatic soprano of the early 20th century, is rumoured to be one such guest. Her famous voice can be heard singing through the corridors.

3. Pentridge Prison

Before COVID struck, ghost tours were frequently run at the D Division of Pentridge Prison. This prison housed some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminals, including Ronald Ryan, the last man to be executed in Australia. 44 bodies were buried on-side, and the prison is haunted by its past.

4. Old Melbourne Gaol

This grim gaol saw many hangings during its time in operation, including the hanging of the infamous Ned Kelly. Old Melbourne Gaol regularly conducts night tours that invite you to explore the dark and confined spaces of the prison. Listen to some eerie stories of the unexplained that have steadily built up over the years, and see if you can keep your cool in this historic prison.

5. Melbourne General Cemetery

Established in 1853, this massive cemetery is home to many of Melbourne’s notable historical figures. It’s no wonder then, that it would be home to some happy haunts too. When things open up again, join Melbourne General Cemetery on one of their night tours, and see if any of the residents come out to play.

6. Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market was once home to Melbourne’s first cemetery. 10 thousand graves of early settlers, including John Batman, were estimated at the site. While about 900 bodies were exhumed and transferred to other cemeteries, that leaves roughly 9000 spirits free to roam the markets every night. Think about that the next time you’re looking for fresh produce.

7. Williamstown


This seaside suburb is full of mysterious alleyways and old history. Grab a lantern, learn of drunken sailors and colourful characters, and explore abandoned morgues and forgotten burial grounds. Access haunted buildings and hidden lanes on a ghost tour.

8.  Rivoli Cinema

You might want to avoid the Rivoli if you’re scared of ghosts. An old lady has been seen in the foyer, gently dusting, while an old man has been seen sitting in Row P of Cinema One. A staff member has also reported whispering voices in the stairwell.

9. Abbotsford Convent

This may be a vibrant hub for creativity, but back in the day, Abbotsford Convent was once home to thousands of young women and girls. Many of these young women were destitute, and suffered a life of hardship at the Convent. Nuns used the young women for free labour, and today, many people visiting the Convent have reported feelings of eeriness, or seen ghostly young girls roaming the corridors and laundry rooms.

10. Point Cook Homestead

Travel to the 1850s at Point Cook Homestead and learn the secrets of the Chirnside family. Join a tour of this heritage property and explore the old stables, the private beach and the mysterious farmland. The homestead is still haunted by Thomas Chirnside, and ghost tour operators say that this location has one of their highest levels of paranormal activity.

11. Hosier Lane

Source: State Library of Victoria

This iconic laneway is not just a place for cool graffiti. The ghost of Melbourne’s very own Jack the Ripper, Frederick Bailey Deeming, is rumoured to roam the alleyway at night, putting his cold, clammy hands around the necks of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.

12. Altona Homestead

Once the home of the Langhorne family in the 1800s, the Altona Homestead is now home to the Altona Laverton Historical Society. And while they hold Devonshire tea sessions in the daytime, the ghosts come out at night. Sarah Langhorne, in particular, has been spotted in the windows of the house. Learn about the deaths linked to the building and the hauntings that followed on a ghost tour.

13. Como House

This stately house is a popular place for wedding vows. However, underneath the glamour of the Armytage family home, you’ll find some ghostly experiences. The spectral figures of Ethel Armytage, who died at the age of seven, and her mother Caroline, have both been spotted around the house.

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